Absence management software

A streamlined absence management system that provides in-depth insights and integrated with time and attendance functionalities. Bring your business on track and reduce absenteeism with a simple app.

Empower your employees

The software is employee-centric - and allows for staff access to send their absence requests, log sickness, and clock-in. Managers receive automatic notifications with every submission. With the leave request, essential details such as who else is out in the same period or remaining vacation days, are provided to the managers.

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Ensure consistent absence policy implementation

Setup custom policies for any type of absence you have in your organization. Policies will be applied consistently every time a request is sent.

Transparent team calendars

Need to know which of your colleagues will be off next week? With a few clicks, you can find who will be out - and show the reason for the absence (holiday, sick, unpaid, PTO, etc.) and plan better the activities in your business - with the staff absence planner.

Time tracking

Keep track of hours worked every day by your employees and understand who is working overhears and who has not clocked in. The access to data on how many vacations or sick days an employee took will be at your fingertips.

Absences are a costly aspect within businesses of all sizes. Using the AraHR absence tracking solution, you will be able to:

  • Track employees absences
  • Gain visibility within your company
  • Detect absenteeism
  • Facilitate compliance
  • Improve employee experience
  • Understand absence trends

Benefits of absence management software

Gain access to accurate data and cut mistakes

Using an intuitive way to calculate leaves and absences, when calculating the details for payroll, will be consistent, compliant, and complete.

Absence management got easier

Drop leave of absence forms, spreadsheets, or other complicated processes that require a lot of time to process.

Ensure that you have the right staffing level

With the reports available, you will plan accordingly and understand how to ensure business continuity.

Start your trial today and experience a new way to control sicknesses, holidays, and other parts of your company’s time, attendance, and administration. Book a demo today and empower your employees!