Employee database

Have all the employee details and records in one safe place. Keep track with the changes in your company. Access essential people data, easily from any device. Save time by removing inefficient processes and say hello to a beautiful HR data centralization.

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Employee profiles and records

Managing your staff has never been easier. All data organized in a neat place. Personal and Job details, Timesheets, Time Off, Documents and much more designed with simplicity in mind.

Teams and offices

It’s time to switch to HR software that allows structuring your team, according to the organization chart. After that human resource management will be different and you will never look back.

Employee documents

It’s difficult to find data scattered across cabinets, emails and sheets? Now it’s different. Store safely contracts, handbooks and other essential HR documents.

Employee records

Once recorded, it’s tracked. You can check how many PTO or sick days you have booked and when. Interested about how many hours did you track last week in your timesheet? No problems, it’s in your account always updated. Need to edit something before sending it for approval? You can do that also and much more:

  • Timesheet history
  • Time off history
  • Activity log New
  • This week tracked time
  • Time off balance
  • Employee vacation calendar.

Find essential information regarding your workforce instantly!

These are just some additional perks that come together with the employee database app.

Team calendars

Your company will be in harmony. Planning will be easier. Time-off conflicts with the other employees will be eliminated, and absenteeism will only exist in the dictionary.

Internal search

We forgot to tell you!If you have a large pool of employees, you will be using the search function very often, so we give you instant results.

Custom fields

You have asked, we have listened. Now if you want to add the shirt size of your employees, in the job profile, you can.