HRIS - Human Resources Information System

Are you getting employee data from multiple tools and apps? Are you regularly trying to help managers and employees find the documents they need? Well, you obviously should take a look at Ara’s HR information system. It’s time you get help to organize and manage people-related data in your company! You can benefit from accurate data, stored in one safe place, and easily accessible.

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Ara’s new HRIS will save you a lot of time and costs through automated repetitive HR tasks. Complex processes like onboarding, sick leave tracking, managing HR tasks, searching employee documents, or HR analytics will become simpler.

What can Ara’s HRIS do for your organization and your people?

All HR data in one place

Forget about thousands of files and folders, placed in offices. Take up a paperless HR life and this way you have a centralized employee database. Plus, losing files will become impossible.

Each employee will have the possibility to check personal data at any time, thanks to Ara’s HRIS. They will enjoy updating their personal profile when needed and will use the employee self-service. Employee data is sensitive information, so keeping it in a cloud-based system is the way to go.

  • Cloud-based employee database;
  • Personal information always up-to-date;
  • Great employee self-service;
  • Essential personnel data accessible 24/7.

Improve your absence management

Time off has to be a priority for every HR department. So, we want to help you manage it effectively. With Ara, time-off records are just a click away and leave requests are quickly approved. You also benefit from an insightful perspective into your employee’s time-off balance. Worried about leave policies? Don’t be! You can customize them as you see fit for your company!

  • Time-off records easily accessible;
  • Company calendar available for everyone;
  • Accurate leave balances.

Track your time by the minute

Stop stressing out about tracking work hours. Ara will do it for you and your employees, plus overtime calculations also. No more manual timesheets for your employees! Our attendance management solution is error-free and time-saving. Your financial department will also thank you because payroll accuracy will significantly increase with our system.

  • Tracking attendance in real-time;
  • Automatic overtime calculation;
  • Export timesheets for payroll purposes.

Get more from your HR reports

Your organization needs you to make strategic decisions and you can do it by taking advantage of HR analytics. Ara’s HR reporting is the key to spotting inconsistencies within your team and will also offer you the solution to these. Automatically generated reports will be the usual of the day and you can find all there is to know about: absenteeism, burnout, performance evaluation, benefits, employee seniority, and more.

Spot overtime right now with HR reports, so you can offer your employees a better work-life balance! Happy employees are productive employees.

  • Automatically generated reports that can be exported and shared;
  • Spot absenteeism trends;
  • Step up your business with HR analytics;
  • Keep track of employee headcount.

The benefits of using Ara’s HRIS

  1. Better organization: every information is available on the cloud and it’s always updated, so you don’t need to search through countless cabinets;
  2. Saving time: a lot of tedious repetitive HR tasks are eliminated with an HRIS. Like time off requests-that can be requested, approved, or declined in seconds;
  3. Improved HR strategy: since less time is spent on administrative tasks, HR professionals can focus on initiatives that bring progress to the organization, as a whole;
  4. Employee involvement: empowering your employees will make them feel appreciated, motivated, and engaged. They will enjoy the self-service, having their HR portal available anytime, or updating their leave requests.  

Take a look at our HRIS! We will be more than happy to get your business to the next level! Streamline all your workflows and forget about paper files and folders.