Document management system

Start using an easy to use, secure document management software to manage your employee records efficiency. Forget about searching through your emails or trough large cabinets for one file. Switch from paper to paperless today.

What is it?

A Document Management Software (DMS) is a central vault that helps you store, access, secure, and keep the employee documents. It is paper-free, online, and made to simplify the document management process to ensure you focus on your people.


Why you need a document management system?

Centralizing HR documents in one place, where you can access them securely, is the way to ensure productivity. Forget about the challenge of finding the right employee document when you need it.

In today's fast-paced world, storing and managing staff documents in paper format is no longer practical. The volume of files is growing exponentially, and ensuring compliance is costly and time-consuming.

As an HR professional, the app eases your work by digitizing the employee documents. End the need to store the files across emails, paper files, and online folders. You will be able to find files faster, identify the missing ones easier, and ensure compliance.


Key features:

Centralize HR documents

Do you struggle with finding one essential employee document? All the files from many sources, including paper files, will be available in one online place accessible from any device. It's time to shift from paperwork to people.


Digital records

Create a centralized and complete database of employee files and records in the cloud. After you digitize your paper files into electronic documents, adding them to the system would be easy.

Experience digital transformation and drop the overflowing filing cabinets from your HR operations. Use one of the best document management software to store:

  • Employee contracts
  • Performance reviews
  • Expense reports
  • Employee handbooks
  • HR Policies and procedures
  • Disciplinary documents
  • Company human resource documents.

Paperless employee

Imagine how much your company would change if you would be able to eliminate the traditional paperwork. Imagine how much easier it would be if, from hiring to retiring, if your company's processes would be digital.

Reduce administrative paperwork your business and become environmentally friendly. A win-win approach for your business and nature as well.

Note: “One four-drawer file cabinet holds 15,000-20,000 pages, costs $25,000 to fill and $2,000 to maintain each year.” Matt Peterson for Entrepreneur.

The benefits of Smart document automation tools:

  • Document centralization
  • Fast access to critical employee documents to increase efficiency and support productivity
  • Increased internal efficiency and accuracy
  • Receive notifications once an employee document is about to expire New
  • Automatically generate employee HR documents based on company templates New
  • Supports digital transformation
  • Ensure consistency in the employee files
  • Reduces manual process by automating redundant HR processes
  • Reduced audit and admin costs
  • Generate digital records of your employee files
  • Eliminate time-consuming tasks and human errors
  • Ease compliance achievement
  • Control access
  • And maximize your performance by streamlining the HR processes.

Benefit of Smart document automation tools

All in one HR app

With the AraHR solution, you will not only manage the personnel fiche but much more. Empower your people to manage time and attendance and streamline the approval process.

Ensure compliance

Using a DMS, it is so easy to see what documents you are missing for each employee. Every time you onboard a new hire, you will have to save a place to store its digital HR records.

Multiple levels of access

The DMS app ensures that the right people have access to manage employee documents. Access control will include uploading, viewing, downloading, updating, or removing the files.