HR System Features


Online timesheets

The timesheet app will reflect the working hours and also the absences, so you will be able to determine attendance patterns. Nevertheless, you will benefit from error-proof recordkeeping.

Time tracking at its best

With the timers, your activity will be easily tracked. The time-cards are recording the attendance for every employee, and the work hours will be reflected in the timesheet. They are flexible, existing entries can be edited and you can add missing time manually.

Employee Time-Card

The Employee Time-Card is the perfect tool to get perfect time tracking. Employees will clock-in and out during the day and data will be available in real time.

Approval workflows

You design the steps of the approval process and you name the approval managers.

Work Hours tracker

A cloud-powered software that enables you and your team to track the exact time you spend on activities, tasks, and projects!

Automate time-tracking

The system is built to save time, eliminate errors and automate processes for your workforce. It’s the robot that does the boring work and never complains.

Productivity reporting

Having all data in one place will facilitate reporting for various analysis and payroll.

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Time-off manager

Absence management

Provide a software designed to help you and your employees' book leaves and absences with ease.

Team Calendar

A calendar that keeps you and your team in sync. Know when someone is sick, or enjoying the summer vacation.

Time off adjustments

Configure the allowance for any of your employees.

Employee summary

Your people can check their leave balance and how much vacation they took and when.


Allow your employees to request time off, and check the holiday entitlements at any time

Time off reports

Gain insights about the availability of your worforce.

Overlaps warning

Avoid clashes, and facilitate smart time-off booking and approval.

Streamline with your timesheets

To keep your timesheets accurate, your absences and PTO’s are automatically added.

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Employee database and records


Employees can use it anytime, anywhere, on their laptop or phone. They will love to be in touch so easily!

Employee profiles

Your people will have access to their own account where core data will be available

Permission privileges

You will grant the right to create, view, edit and approve timesheets for the supervisors and managers you consider fit. Control access to your analytics and sensitive data.

Editing team members profiles

Administrators can edit any aspect of the profile of their employees from approvers, to working days and hours, to contact details.

Employee database >

Company structure


Once you have more than 10 employees maybe it would be good to split your workforce them across multiple teams.


Larger business have offices across multiple geographies or locations. You can easily control them

iCal Feed

Looking forward on having a helicopter view in your calendar of choice? Excellent!

Setup Approvers

You can setup your approver flow per team and per each individual employee.

Public holidays

Public holidays are important for companies that want to comply with laws and regulation. Import them with 2 clicks.

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HR reporting

Time Off Reporting

Have an overall view about who is sick and on vacation across your company.

Leave Reporting

have a list of the people that were sick or on vacation plus the respective periods

Employee Performance Reports

Spot top performers and better understand how your talent manage your employee time by working with essential data within your company.

Custom employee time reports

Need to have the intelligence for one person, team or period? The easy to use filters make the complex, easy without losing performance and speed.

Timesheet summary report

Interested about how productive your team was, or how many hours you need to pay? Have a detailed week or month view. Each second counts.

Yearly time off reporting

As a manager you want to work who need to take a break or might have a burnout, or who was out for a long period of time.

Payroll reports

The monthly, bi-weekly and weekly timesheets will help you get quick insights regarding your team effort and will make payment a breeze.

XLS export

Need to send the time tracked to your external payroll team. With one click you have it.

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Powerful automation trough time-saving tools

Alerts and notifications

Benefit from automatic reminders and email notifications and you won’t miss an important date or event. Employees will be informed when timesheets are ready for completion and approved or rejected.

Powerful integrations

Sync with Google/Outlook Calendar, Single Sign-On and receive automatic emails with notifications about your timesheet approvals, clock-in and worked hours.

Straightforward pricing

We offer the best for the right price and we don’t use hidden extras. Go online and see for yourself.

Use it everywhere

The web-based time tracker works in all major browsers. You don’t have to buy sophisticated devices or install any software. You can access the web-app from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

Set up for the cloud

No hardware needed. Accomplish more for your business with a system that was designed to have the latest technologies.

Easy to use interface

Not only does it look good, but it can easily be used in order to clock in, edit your timesheet or request time off.

Periodic updates

You will keep in touch with all the new features, without any cost.

Smooth set-up and implementation

Our support team will help you implement the timesheets extremely fast and you will have all the flexibility you need - generate as many timesheets as you want, for each employee or for teams and create your own procedure for the approvals.

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