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If you are tired of Excel spreadsheets and vacation forms, our Time Off Manager is just the software worth using daily.

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Automate Time Off Tracking

Our dynamic leave management system is what you need if you want more accuracy in your admin work, more flexibility, and productivity at the top level. You will significantly reduce the administrative tasks by requesting and approving all kinds of leaves.

Request time off in a breeze

Your employees can request time off with just one click. Our Time Off Manager will keep them informed at all time regarding how many vacation days have they taken already and how many have left.

Simple approval flow

The approval process is simplified so that you don't need to pass along a vacation form from one office to another.

Discover how to use the Time off manager:

  1. Your employee will submit a leave request
  2. The manager will get an automatic email notification
  3. The manager is aware of the allowance, overlaps and the reason
  4. The manager accepts the request
  5. The employee receives the confirmation.

Built for employees

Employees can self-service, using their personal report, which will contain all the data regarding the employee's time off, paid vacation, sick leave, and other leaves of absence.

Welcome effortless HR

Keep track of your employees' absences, pending vacations, or national holidays. In this way, you and your employees will plan better and coordinate work more efficiently as a team.

Eliminate the middleman

You can choose whom to empower in the approval process - the HR staff, the manager, or the team leader? Larger companies with more complex flows can add dual backup approvers. It is your choice!

Team leaders gain control

Personalize the approval flows so they can fit any organization's needs and ensure scale and productivity. Transparency becomes evident, and team members and managers will know who is at work and doesn't.

The right way to manage PTO

Your recordkeeping will become more and more error-proof with these features. Both employees and the managers will have their time and attendance tracked seamlessly.

  • Online time off requests
  • Employee self-service
  • Time-off tracking
  • Individual HR dashboards
  • Overlaps warning
  • Entitlement calculator
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Custom approval flow
  • PTO policies
  • And more features.

Tailored absence and PTO reports

Are you having an awful day when more than half of your team is not at work? Are you wondering how to get through the day? The Time Off Manager will generate time off and availability reports, so you can make the right decision and replace the people in your team for the day.

Do not forget that you can spot absenteeism trends using the same reports. Our real-time reporting functions are what you need to lead your organization to success.

Custom time off policies

You can also implement time off policies through our system since you can set the maximum time off days your employees can benefit from or their accrual rate.

Integrate with Google Calendar

Additionally, the time off manager is integrating seemingly with Google Calendar, Slack, or Outlook. Give it a try and see how easy it is to plan your next vacation.

Regardless of your company's needs, we can accommodate you. Manage your time off, and you will reduce the risk of litigation, benefit from rational policy compliance, and increase work productivity within your organization.

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