AraHR, through its timekeeping software, offers extensive control over employees’ working time. It’s not just about tracking the work hours online, you also get to manage them! We also offer the option to run detailed reports, to help you in your business management.

Our timekeeping app is a powerful tool that will be loved not only by managers but also by employees. We provide automated timekeeping at its best!


A state-of-the-art timekeeping web and mobile app

If you are rather conservative, you will want to track your worked hours in your favorite browser. Use our app to track the exact time spent on each project or task.

If you are a millennial, you would prefer a mobile app. That’s great because AraHR provides employees with this possibility. This way, if you forget one day to add some activities to your timesheet, you can do it from home, using the mobile app.

The easy way to track time

The straightforward approach is to use our timer while working, and this way, human error is eliminated, our timekeeping tool will register every minute spent working by every employee. You go in at the beginning of the day, then log out when your shift is over.
But there is also the option to manually fill in your employee timesheet at the end of the day.

Complete and flexible reports

Our app allows you to gather accurate data at all times. This way, managers will get the full picture of work attendance trends, absenteeism, and overtime. Work hours can be processed daily, weekly, or monthly, all depending on your company’s culture, vision, and needs.

Oversee projects and tasks

AraHR’s timekeeping app was designed to allow time tracking on each project/ task. Managers can set up the amount of time required to be spent by employees for each task, assign the tasks to each worker, and issue priority lists to enhance productivity. But there is more: we offer the possibility to estimate project hours and then visually observe the work progress. Managers will love how easy we make it for them to create schedules.

Payroll management

You can now examine how much people are paid, according to their worked hours. Check out the breaks employees take with a simple glance into our timekeeping app. The best aspect of it is that the app automatically does all the time calculations.

Ensures compliance

Using our app, you stay in compliance with state and federal regulations regarding wages, hours, or health and safety.
By using our app, you stay in compliance with federal/state/local labor regulations.

Sync with paid time-off

We automate the paid time-off system, and this way, employees have a direct view over the time earned and used.

Overtime management

Tracking overtime is no longer a nuisance. With AraHR, managers can check all overtime hours employees claim payment for.

What is the definition of timekeeping?
Timekeeping is the process or activity to record the hours of attendance of employees. Timekeeping is also linked to how good or bad an employee is at arriving at work.

Why is timekeeping with AraHR a MUST?

  • Boost productive work hours. The online timekeeping system provides a perceptive interface that makes time tracking fun, so employees will like using it, and the company has to gain: increased focus and productivity.
  • Increase project profitability: Estimate how long should a project/task take. Employees will then log time, and in the end, you will be able to compare estimated hours vs. actual tracked time. This can also be of great help when evaluating your employees’ performance.
  • User-friendly: the main issue with timekeeping systems is their complexity, but we promise that our app is designed to not confuse employees. Easy to use and user-friendly!
    Enable accurate reporting with complex data.
  • Spare administrative time: reduce costly errors from classic timesheets and manage payroll with complex data.
    Coordinate your schedules while benefiting from complete coverage and reduced overtime.
  • Maintain compliance and prevent litigation or fines by using our robust timekeeping app.
  • Enhance payroll management while simplifying time tracking.

    Benefits for employees

  1. Improve the work process: once employees know which task requires more time and attention, they can carefully distribute their time. Success and efficiency are granted.
  2. Forget about procrastination: having in mind your labor costs will lead to eliminating distractions and undertaking the most dreadful tasks.
  3. Pinpointing overwork: a review of time expenses is the key to detect possible areas where team members spend too much time on.
  4. Define your range of responsibilities: AraHR shows you how many hours you put in on a specific time. This way, you can see what you can and limit your work to a reasonable value.

    Benefits for employers

  1. Accurate data for payroll and billing: if you are one of the companies that bill clients by the hour, our timekeeping system is essential.
  2. Transparency of worked hours: our exhaustive reports help you gain a deep insight into how efficient every employee is and where they should work one more.
  3. Easier scheduling: use the data we offer to make plans for future workloads.
  4. Improved work management: managers work daily with time estimates and deadlines. Once you have collected data in one secure place, setting up any work procedure will be easier.
  5. Discipline and engagement: employees will use their time more carefully if they know it’s traceable.


Streamline time-keeping with AraHR!

Start saving time and money right away! If you are looking for workforce efficiency and boosted productivity, we are the place to go to.