HR Reporting Software

Having all your timesheets in one secure place, you will not see anymore reporting as a dreadful task. With AraHR, you drop the struggle with complicated Excel spreadsheets and drop long hours spent on assembling reports.

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Access rich time reports

You will gain access to an significant source of data that will be of help in many ways:

  1. Develop reports for billing and payroll;
  2. Review the time spent by the workforce and check the billable hours;
  3. Check timesheet approval statuses.

The reporting tools offer you the possibility to compare and analyze your staff time management information.

Custom Employee Productivity Reports

You can now capture it all in one report if you are looking for complexity, or divide each aspect in individual custom reports - one for worked hours, one for overtime, one for leaves, one for a specific project.

Smart time and attendance reports

Do you need a fast and easy report to check the approval status for a specific employee timesheet? Nothing easier! Do you want to decide a pattern about overtime hours? Also possible.

One more way to learn about the HR reporting app

We know what kind of reports you need. Many other business leaders have the same challenges. However, take your time and explore our insights offering. We cover the ones that are vital for managing businesses effectively.

Payroll reports

All your HR, billing, or payroll information can be viewed in real-time, at any point during the day. This dynamism allows you to check on attendance, billed hours from anywhere.

Management reports

We want you to focus on the strategic decisions you need to make for your business. Our complex reports will be of vital support for increasing workforce accountability and efficiency.

Timesheet Reports

Know exactly how many hours each employee has recorded. Discover overtime. Make corrections with ease.

Time Off reports

Your HR department needs to know who was sick and when, ansure continuity durring the summer period.

Custom reports

No matter how complex your organization is, you will bring to life the time insights required with few clicks.

Exporting Timesheet Data

Need to use the timesheet data for your payroll software? No problem. Additionally, printing your reports has never been easier.