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We are on a mission to reduce the time your organization spends on scheduling, appointing people to various tasks, and tracking attendance. With our new Time-Tracking Software, you will strengthen productivity and will be able to always make the smart decision for the growth of your business.

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Manage your workforce with a minimum effort from now on!

You and your employees will easily track how many hours or days you spend on tasks and projects.

Every minute counts. Track it.

Stop wondering if your team is working or not. Our work hours tracker will tell you exactly when each team member started and left.

Gain a full perspective on the productive and the less productive workers and examine how many hours does each of your employees' work. We cover the needs of small and medium businesses.

Ditch paper timesheets

Start using our Time-Tracking Software right away if you feel that you do not benefit from accurate information on how many hours your employees' work.

We will tell you exactly this: how many hours per day do your employees spend on all work activities, which is precisely the time of their attendance.

Request PTO with one click

Leave management will come in hand with our software. You will be able to manage not only tine but also attendance.

Tracking absences while spotting trends among teams are one of the value-adding benefits of using the app. Check real-time reports, such as the work hours of your employees.

Time Tracking Resources

A modern guide to time tracking

Motivating employees to track time is struggling you these days?

Getting the workforce to track work hours by using a time tracking software and to send the timesheets in time is a challenge. As you guessed, employees find the task of filling in their timesheets to be a burden.
In our modern guide to time tracking, you will find five tips to encourage your employees to see this task as less of a nuisance and more of an enjoyable activity.

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Experience a simple yet robust employee time tracking app for small and medium businesses. It will save both time and money.

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