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Work Hours Tracker

A cloud-powered software that enables you and your team to track the exact time you spend on activities, tasks, and projects!

Does your business needs an work hours tracker?

If you want to be the best at what you do, of course! All worked hours should be accounted for. It’s the key to HR management. Your team needs to be able to clock in and out easily, at any time, regardless of their location - their own desk or a remote site.

How does the tracker work?

Employees can track their time by using the web browser or by using their phones. As the admin, you will be able to check in real time what your team is working on. All of them, in just one picture! Once one employee clocks in, you immediately see him. Same goes if your co-worker clocks out.

Optimize all the work of your team

Apart from logging in hours in real time, employees also have the possibility to add time manually. They can adjust the missed period of times, accompanied by an explanatory message and the admin will be able to approve the adjustment.

With the management dashboard you can access filters to see worked hours for every employee, for the current payment period, or for the past ones. Payroll becomes the easiest job when using our tracker!

Automate your time management

Efficient time management is key to fast-growing companies. The time clock app will not only track the time, but it will also automatically calculate the time worked in hours and minutes per each workday. The time clock application provides the weekly hours worked and helps with the payroll calculations. As an employee with each hour clocked, your timesheet will be more complete and more valuable.

Generate reports with our work hours tracker

Gain a complex perspective over time management with the HR reports you can generate from the app. Analyze data, monitor performance, audit logged hours, adapt your priorities and boost your productive hours. Reports are not only easy to create but also easy to share with other managers and extremely simple to export.

Get started with the Work Hours Traker

Simple yet robust employee work hours tracking app for small and medium business that saves time and money.

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