AraHR’s time recording software is the tool you need to increase efficiency amongst your employees, save money and record time and attendance data. It’s time to invest in a software that reduces to a minimum all the issues you have when tracking worked hours manually.

Experience a simple time recording system.


Here is the key motivation for choosing our time recording software:

Save your time
As a manager, you won’t be forced anymore to pursuit employees asking them to fill their timesheets. You don’t have to manually operate on the payroll, therefore saving a lot of time. Creating the schedule for every week will also be a piece of cake.

Save employees’ time
They will enjoy our software because clocking in and out will be extremely easy and it can be done from any computer. Since each employee has exclusive login credentials, you eliminate the buddy punching and you can verify exactly who is absent or late. By eliminating the process of filling their timesheets, payroll management has a lot to gain, because a great amount of administrative time is saved.

Zero payroll errors
You can forget about calculation errors. No more unhappy employees due to underpayments and no more troubled managers due to over payments.

Record time from anywhere
Another great thing about Ara’s system is that it can be used with any computer, regardless of where it’s located within the company. Of course, this includes the devices used by remote employees, who are outside of the office.

Remote working. No problem
All data is stored in one location, even if we speak about a member of the team who sits at his desk or one that works from a remote location.

Smart notifications
Our time recording software helps forgetful employees. You get reminders if one day you forget to track the time.

Exhaustive reporting
The reports tool allows you and your team see where time was spent, on what projects or tasks. The system is quick to deliver full reports on everything you need to know about your team, from attendance, to leave requests, to absenteeism trends.

Eliminate manual timekeeping
We want you to forget about chasing employees for time cards, forget about timesheets that sometimes are illegible or even fraudulent. Implementing AraHR’s recording system eases your tasks. Get rid of tracking time through Excel.
Our electronic timesheets sync with payroll, labor reports, and federal/local compliance rules.

Track more than worked hours
The apps main target is time recording. But that’s not all. With our software, you can track all items that affect employee time: overtime, vacation and sick time, project work, employee gratuities, employee time-off requests, etc. The data offer a better understanding of your company’s labor costs.

Monitor overtime
By using our software, you will understand more about what your company needs. Our powerful, detailed reports allow managers to check the costs faster and better. Labor costs are not a mystery anymore. Also, they can see which member is absent, when a why, and how does that absence affect the whole team.

Smart team dashboards
It’s crucial to have control over your business on all levels. How can we improve that? With all the features we offer. Once you have an exact perspective on your real job costs, on payroll and a complex view on attendance, you will be the most informed manager.

Happier employees
Your employees will be happier and more engaged if errors with time recording are eliminated and if they feel that AraHR is doing the job for them in tracking time.

Start recording time with AraHR right now! Running a safe and efficient business involves having the latest technology that is compatible with your key goals. This includes an employee time tracking tool that upgrades all elements of daily work schedules.

AraHR time recording software enables businesses of all sizes to track time, manage all projects and easily grasp productivity in one accessible system.