Human Resources Templates

We want to facilitate the work of HR managers in small and medium businesses. This is why we have put together a series of essential templates to facilitate their activities.

Employee management templates

Want to become a rockstar when it comes to onboarding hew hires? We provide you the essential employee management templates plus core best practices to make the most. Successful onboarding is closely linked to company culture and is reflected in better retention, integration, motivation and loyalty.

Time management templates

Time and talent are the most important resources of a business. When it comes to time management, we would like to help you understand, calculate and facilitate time tracking of your employees. We have put toghether a set of time related templates that are practical, ready to use and printable.

Employee relations templates

As HR manager you are constantly in dialogue with the employees. You will need to deal with their requests from hiring to the departure of the staff. In this section we have put toghether a set of key templates, letters and form that are free to download.

When you are working with different clients and need to ensure that work goes smoothly across different team-members with accurate deadlines, tasks and objectives you will need some tools to handle such challenges.

Business templates

Running a small to mid-size business? Well, you can't keep all the info in your head. You will need to save various financial, administrative or management informations on various spreadsheet or office editing tools. Regarding Budgets, Invoices, management, Bookkeeping, and Payroll, we offer templates that you can use daily, monthly, or annually.