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How to report expenses?

Find below a simple and free employee expense report that you can use with on your business.

This template makes reimbursements easy, and approval fast. It comes as an Excel or PDF formatted sheet, to help you track and keep the company budget under control. Logging the daily or monthly costs in an organized way has never been easier.

Acting as an expense tracker the document enhances the expense report process. The printable excel report template facilitates the way staff and managers are submitting, monitoring and approving expense reports.

The expense report is designed for an easy to read, with good spacing and elegant formatting. It contains information regarding the employee, the expense types and details, a category section plus the costs per item and in total.

As a finance manager, or owner of a small business you have probably seen many invoices, that needed to be reimbursed. Frustration can come when it comes to tracking expenses. One simple expense spreadsheet or form can help out with approval, accounting and tax purposes, especially when these expenses are tax-deductible. According to the IRS, to be deductible, a business expense "must be both ordinary and necessary."

These reports are usually done in excel, however, you can make them online in Google Sheets. The sheet that we propose has all the formulas needed to make it easy to calculate costs and help with the submission of the reimbursement requests.

Usually, expense reports are categorized as following: transportation, entertainment, fuel/mileage, lodging, meals, utilities, other, however, you can add others as you wish in the template.

Note: The IRS sets standard mileage reimbursement rates.

Expense reports form - Expense reimbursement template

Note to employers: Don’t forget to ask your employees to attach receipts so that the records are accurate and can be easily be approved.