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Time Tracking Resources

A modern guide to time tracking

Motivating employees to track time is struggling you these days?

Getting the workforce to actually track work hours by using a time tracking software and submitting the timesheets in time is a challenge. As you probably guessed, employees find the task of filling in their timesheets to be a burden.
In our modern guide to time tracking you will find 5 tips to encourage your employees to see this task as less of a nuisance and more of an enjoyable activity.

Timesheets guide

Whether you are a freelancer, you work in a small/ medium-sized company, or a large corporation, you are most likely always looking for innovative ways of measuring your effort spent vs. the compensation received. Timesheets are one of the most effective ways to do so and much more. Find out why.

Excel Your Time Tracking Skills With a Work Hours Tracking App

A business must know how to keep track of your employees’ working hours if you want a productive and organized environment. Having inaccurate data about worked hours will always cost you money, and it’s essential to avoid it.

20 Best Practices for Your Workforce Time-Tracking

Top 20 Workforce Time Tracking Best Practices: Use technology to your advantage - use a timer. Set clear policies. Lead by example. Fill the hours every day. Avoid multitasking. Find out more best practices in this guide.

Build an Excel Timesheet Template

How to create a Excel Timesheet Template

Are you interested to learn new Excel formulas and work with time?


On this guide, you find everything you need to know to create and use an Excel timesheet. We’ve put together not only the technical Excel part but also the logic behind a timesheet. This comprehensive guide teaches you to track employee work hours, breaks, and vacations, to keep everything in order, and to calculate payrolls.

Employee management

Team development phases

Team development is a complex process where the leaders can easily find a balance between their needs and the projects goals. Understanding the five stages of team development forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning by Bruce Tuckman gives you an edge in managing your team successfully.

Insights on Human Resources

Performance reviews

A performance review is the assignment that troubles both managers and employees. Managers struggle to find a balance between the good points and the ones that need improvement in every employee’s work. And employees feel they are being put in the spotlight and if the feedback is negative, they even start to worry about their job. We live in the era of communication, so if the manager identifies the correct ways to review performance, all the stress caused by these two words goes away.
This guide will help you clarify what a performance review is, what are the benefits of conducting it and most importantly, we want to show you how to do it, in order to obtain the best results..

How to write the perfect self-assessment


Discover 6 self-assessment tips and phrase examples to showcase your strengths, sound confident and move up in the long run.
The guide provides a series of phrases that you can use directly in your performance appraisal.

Team Building Activities

Awesome Team Building Activities for Employees

Prepare to challenge your team with these great games they can’t resist. Fun team building activities and ideas for happy employees!
Learn how to make your team stronger, more dynamic, more engaging and productive. We provide the details on how to organize 16 team building games to bring your team closer.


Employee onboarding

A complete guide to onboard new hires. Discover the onboarding definition, process, cool tips and the best practices when it comes to onboarding new employees.


Exit Interviews

How To Conduct An Effective Exit Interview? An Essential Guide Featuring Key Questions and Ready to Use Free Exit Interview Templates.

Employee offboarding

When it comes to hiring and greeting new employees, every company gives its best to make them feel welcome and to show them from the first days that they made the right choice. So onboarding gets a lot of attention. Why? Because we all know first impressions are crucial and new hires should get all the possible attention.


Time management tips

We all get the same 24 hours in a day, but some of us seem to make significantly more of those hours than others.Discover 11 time management tips to embrace daily and boost your productivity at the workplace and in personal life.

Time management skills

In the following lines, we will see what time management is, what skills are, the benefits of handling your time at work, and a concise but straightforward plan for better time management in the workplace.It’s an article both for employees and for managers.

Working overtime

The overtime working guide covers all you need to know about this topic: what qualifies as overtime, the pros and cons of working overtime for both parties, when it becomes bad for business, and how managers can control overtime.

Work Smart or Work Hard

Working smarter makes you more effective and productive, leading to increased focus, performance, quality and achievement of tasks.Hard work often aims to increase production or quantity throughout the project, usually not trough the most efficiently ways.Learn more why this is the case, and how to improve.


Workflow management

Do you want to boost your team productivity? Discover six ways why workflow management is the right path towards success in keeping track of repetitive processes.


The Five Steps Action Plan for Improving Productivity at Work in 2022

How to Increase Productivity at Work? 1. Focus. 2. Personalize work schedule. 3. Communicate often. 4. Develop time-management skills. 5. Work as a team. Learn more

Human resources

Employee engagement

Do you know how your employees feel about their jobs or their managers? Do you fully understand the dynamics between individuals or teams? Are you aware of the factors determining their high results or, on the contrary, their underperformance?
Discover the journey through the basic concepts and implications of employee engagement and explain to you why it is critical for business success.

Human resources

Employee feedback

Employee feedback is becoming a major point of emphasis as of late, as managers are utilizing feedback to make workplaces better and recognizing their employees by giving them more than the metaphoric pat on the back.

Human resources

Employee abseenteism

Learn how to deal with Employee absenteeism. What are the causes and what you can do to reduce it. Two warning letters that you can use for free.