How to Convert Minutes to Decimal Hours?

To calculate minutes into decimal hours, divide the amount of minutes by 60. For example, if you have 30 minutes, divide them by 60 to get 0.5.

What is the decimal time format?

Decimal hours are widely used in bookkeeping for payroll and hourly billing. Time clocks usually measure the time of day in hours and minutes. However, these values need to be converted to decimal hours. For example, 07:30 would be entered as 7.50. This is meant to simplify accounting by removing the need to convert between minutes and hours.

Decimal Hours Calculator


Minutes to decimals conversion chart

A minute to decimal conversion chart displays the equivalent numerical representation of minutes in decimal form, ranging from 1 minute to 60 minutes in decimal hours. 

This conversion is helpful when working with fractions or calculations involving decimals, for example, when paying a specific employee the equivalent of his time worked in a week according to his timesheet.

In basic mathematics, a minute is equivalent to a unit of measurement that is one-sixtieth of an hour or 60 minutes. Because of how fractions are expressed, it can be difficult at first to see the equivalence between minutes and decimals, but this conversion chart makes it easy to visualize this relationship.

Find below a time conversion chart to help with calculations from minutes to decimals.


How do you use the time-conversion chart for decimals?

For example, to convert 20 minutes into decimals, find "20" in the table (in the "Minutes" column) and then see the value in the next column on the same row (in the "Decimals" column). In this scenario, 20 minutes equals 0.33 decimal hours.

You may also use the table to convert decimals back into minutes and hours by finding the decimal number in the "Decimal" column and following it over to the left. For example, to convert 0.25 decimal hours to minutes, look in the table for .25 in the decimals column, then see the equivalent minutes in the minute's column next to it, in this case, 15 minutes.

You can find the downloadable version time conversion chart to help with calculations from minutes to decimals, below.

Download the Decimal Time Conversion Chart

How to Convert Minutes to Decimal Hours?

To calculate minutes to decimal hours you have to divide you number of minutes by 60 to get decimal hours.

  • If the number of minutes is fewer than 60, divide by 60. The decimal represents minutes in decimal hours.
  • If your total number of minutes exceeds or equals 60, divide by 60 and convert to hours. The remaining decimal represents minutes in decimal hours.
  • Round the decimal to the desired level of accuracy.

Example 1: How to calculate 225 minutes to decimal hours?

225 minutes / 60 = 3.75 hours.

Example 2: How to calculate 230 minutes to decimal hours?

230 minutes / 60 = 3.83333 hours, rounded to 3.83 hours.

Example of Minutes to Decimal Hours Conversion

Assume you worked 8 hours and 33 minutes, and your timesheet must be entered in decimal hours to three decimal places. 

  • Step 1: Divide 33 minutes by 60 to calculate minutes in decimal hours.
    33/60 = 0.55 decimal hours
  • Step 2: Sum the 8 hours with the number of number of decimal hours from converting the minute to hours.
    8 + 0.55 = 8.55 decimal hours.

How do you calculate payroll using decimal hours?

Once you have the timesheet hours for a single employee and have converted the time to decimal format, you may proceed to compute payroll hours. It involves multiplying the wage rate by the hours worked, which are expressed in decimal form.

Here is an example of a calculation for 37.72 hours logged at a rate of $20 per hour:

37.7h x $20 = $754

FAQ Minutes to decimal

How long is 75 minutes in hours?

Seventy-five minutes is equal to one hour and fifteen minutes or 1.25 hours decimal.

How to convert 50 minutes in decimal

50 minutes divided by 60 = .83 decimal.

How to convert 30 minutes in decimal

30 minutes divided by 60 = .5 decimal.

How to convert 25 minutes in decimal

25 minutes divided by 60 = .42 decimal.

How to convert 225 minutes in hours?

225 minutes is equal to exactly three hours and forty-five minutes. In decimal hours = 3.75h.

How long is 255 minutes in hours and minutes?

Two hundred fifty-five minutes is equal to four hours and fifteen minutes. In decimal hours = 4.25h.

What are the advantages of using decimal hours?

For payroll purposes it is much easier to determine a pay rate in decimal hours rather than hours and minutes. Additionally, decimal hours are far more exact, such conversions lead to less errors and they are commonly used by accountants.