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Have all the employee details and records in one safe place. Keep track of the changes in your company. Access essential people data, easily from any device. Save time by removing inefficient processes and say hello to a beautiful HR data centralization.

This is all you and your employees needed: an online timesheet which allows time tracking, straightforward approvals, and payroll and billing calculator.

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The Timesheet software comes with the following benefits:

  • East to use
  • Use it from anywhere
  • Multiple automations
  • Data saved in the cloud
  • The solution is always updated

Your team can forget about filling out sheets with the daily or weekly time spent on work. They only need to go online, enter how much time they worked on a task or project and all accurate data will be available for review and analysis. They can do this manually, by logging the time once, or they can use a time which allows for continuously data entering.

Automate your workforce with just one click!

The employee has submitted a timesheet for approval and forgot to add 2 extra hours on a specific project? No problem. The employee can edit it and the manager will see the modification and take it into account.

The same goes if a timesheet is rejected: the employee can review it and retry for approval with new information.

Ara makes it easy to track time online

HR friendly

Since forever, HR specialists and company managers have been looking for the perfect way to record the time employees spend on their job for a specific time period - a week or a month.

Modern time card

Timesheets have emerged from the traditional sheet of paper to electronic cards that indicate the worked hours to state-of-the-art timesheet HR software that is easily accessed at all times, in any location.

Enhance accuracy

Don’t be afraid of the new era and you will enjoy the timesheets that increase accuracy, productivity and make everyone’s jobs easier.

Enhance productivity by tracking time easily and efficiently

Since you are in touch with the time tracking in real time, you can monitor employee performance and also increase employee productivity, as you can detect their weak points and working trends.

Say goodbye to paper sheets!

With our brand new product, you will reduce radically the time spent working on employee timesheets - over 40 hours per month. You will only spend minutes tracking the work hours of your employees.

Less boring work, more fun

Your work as a manager will be easier since you will have the option of reviewing timesheets reports before they are sent for payroll and billing.

Corect payroll data

Always stay on budget with our time tracking method and save money: compensate employees for the actual worked hours and not for the taken breaks.

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Facilitate the approval process

Approving timesheets will no longer be a headache for managers. They still need to verify that the logged hours by the employee are correct, but it won’t take up hours of their time, but minutes.

Custom approval workflows

You will be able to personalize who approves timesheets, in one or more steps and who will receive a notification, besides the employee, once the timesheet is approved or rejected.

Empower your team

For example, you can grant access to the approval process to the financial department and this way, they will be more productive in their payroll work.

Seize accurate data

Since all timesheets are in one spot, you will have not only centralized data regarding worked hours but also improved the accuracy of this information.

User friendly forms

Our friendly-user timesheets are created for the nowadays employees and managers who are always busy and need to prioritise their work.

Error free time tracking

This is why the interface is easy to use for employees and they will be able to add the worked hours from the first try. Then, the software will check the logged time with the existing data and if the employee has entered worked hours on a national holiday, he will receive a visual notification.

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The managers will be provided with accurate information at the end of the whole process, and for this, they don’t need to send emails, make phone calls or hold the meeting with the employees. They will be able to create a better schedule for the team with all these accurate data available and to make strategic decisions.

If you are only interested in tracking the work hours by an employee, or for a specific client, you can do it. You can receive daily notifications on his performance without any hassle.

Stay on budget and reduce administrative costs

Using our timesheets will keep you in control of the labour costs since you need no expensive hardware anymore!


Our timesheets eliminate the inconvenience and high cost of stand-alone time clocking hardware.

Online clock-in

Employees will clock in and out extremely easy with their self-service option and no data will be lost. They can add regardless of where they are or what they’re doing.

Access payroll data

Since time-tracking is automated, your payroll data will be available in an instance.

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Unlimited possiblities, one timesheet app

At the end of the day, the week or a specific period, the managers will check and approve the timesheets, manage the time off and if needed, ask for details regarding the time entered by the employees, so they can justify invoices for the clients.

Automate time tracking

Managers will have less administrative tasks to undergo, since our timesheets can also automatically calculate payroll and billable hours, depending on the employee’s salary/hourly rate.

Connect the dots

Integrated with the time-off module, public holidays, and team calendars, you will have all your employee data under control.

Instant results

Gain a relevant perspective of your team’s accomplishments and use these timesheets as a resource for better planning and management. With only a few clicks, you will see who worked on every task and when.

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Simple yet robust employee timesheet and time tracking app for small and medium business that saves time and money.