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Have all the employee details and records in one safe place, access essential employee data easily from any device and save time by removing inefficient processes.

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The Timesheet app comes with the following benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Use it from anywhere
  • Multiple automation
  • Data saved in the cloud
  • The solution is always updated

Your team can forget about filling out sheets with the daily or weekly time spent on work. They only need to go online, enter how much time they worked on a task or project, and all accurate data will be available for review and analysis.

They can do this manually by logging the time in and time out or using a timer to track time accurately from when they started working until they have finished.

Automate your workforce with just one click!

The employee has sent a timesheet for approval and forgot to add two extra hours on a specific project? No problem. They can edit it, and the manager will see the modification and take it into account.

If rejected, the employee can review their timesheet and resubmit it with added information.

Ara makes it easy to track time online

HR friendly

HR specialists and company managers have been looking for the perfect way to track the time employees spend on their job whether it be a week or a month.

Modern time keeping

Timesheets have evolved from the traditional sheet of paper, electronic cards that show the hours worked, then developed into ultramodern timesheet HR software.

Enhance accuracy

Since you are in touch with time tracking in real-time, you can monitor employee performance and increase productivity, hence detect their weak points and working trends.

Enhance productivity by tracking time smoothly and efficiently

Since you are in touch with time tracking in real-time, you can monitor employee performance and increase employee productivity, hence detect their weak points and working trends.

No more paper

With our brand-new product, you will reduce radically the time spent working on employee timesheets - over 40 hours per month. You will only spend minutes tracking the work hours of your employees.

Less tedious work, more fun

Your tasks as a manager will be more manageable since you can review timesheets reports before reaching payroll and billing.

Correct payroll data

Always stay on budget with our time tracking method and save money.

Time tracking

Facilitate the approval process

Approving timesheets will no longer be a headache for managers. They still need to verify that the employee hours are correct, this will take mere minutes.

Custom approval workflows

You will be able to personalize who approves timesheets, in one or more steps and choose who will receive the notification when the timesheet is approved or rejected.

Seize accurate data

User-friendly forms

Our user friendly timesheets work for the employees and managers nowadays, who are always busy and need to prioritize their work.

Error-free time tracking

Faultless logging is why the interface is easy to use, employees will be able to add their hours from the first try. The software will then check the logged time with the existing data, and if the employee has entered worked hours on a national holiday, they will be notified.

Work Hours Tracker

Managers gain accurate information whenever needed, and for this, they do not need to send emails, make phone calls, or meet with the employees. Team leaders will create a better schedule for their team with all accurate data available and focus on making strategic decisions.

If you are only interested in tracking the work hours of an employee, you can do that. Receive daily notifications on their performance without any hassle.

Stay on budget and reduce administrative costs

Using our timesheets will keep you in control of the labor costs since you need no expensive hardware anymore!


Our timesheets cut the inconvenience and excessive cost of stand-alone time clocking hardware.

Online clock-in

Employees will clock in and out extremely easy with the self-service system. If needed, they can add details of where they are or what they are doing.

Access payroll data

Since time-tracking is automated, your payroll data will be available in an instant.

Time clock

Unlimited possibilities, one timesheet app

At the end of a day, the week or a specific period, managers will check and approve the timesheets. Adjust the time off and if needed and ask for details about the time entered by the employees.

Automatic time tracking

Managers will have less administrative tasks to complete, since our timesheets can also automatically calculate payroll and billable hours, depending on the employee's salary or hourly rate.


Integrated with the time-off module, public holidays, and team calendars, you will have all employee data under your control.

Instant results

Gain a relevant perspective of your team's accomplishments and use these timesheets as a resource for better management and planning. With only a few clicks, you will see who worked on every task and when.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a timesheet?

A timesheet is a method to record and track the time an employee has worked during an interval of time. Timesheets are usually generated in a table format and help to calculate pay.

Some timesheets track only the time at work, others record the time spent on various projects and tasks.

The records get tracked when employees clock in and clock out same way as traditional pinch-in and punch-out cards. Recent upgrades in technology eliminated punch cards, and most recording transitioned to web and mobile apps.

Why are businesses using timesheets?

Time tracking is essential for payroll. Businesses use printable timesheets or excel spreadsheets to record the hours their employees have worked. Working with such methods could be tricky and error prone.

What is an online employee time clock?

Time clocks record when employees arrive and leave work. Companies might add a tablet at the reception, where employees' can register arrival and departure time. With time kiosks, every employee has a personal pin. Otherwise, businesses offer their employees access to a web or mobile app to record their hours remotely.

How do you track hourly employees?

Using a time-tracking system, hourly employees will record when they start their work and finish their work using a mobile or web-app. You can have a location saved every time the employee begins to record time. Advanced time-tracking systems allow their workers to start recording their time only in some specific areas using geolocation functionalities.

Did your employees forget to send the timesheet?

Not to worry, AraHR time tracking system offers a powerful solution to ensure that you stay on track with your activities with just a few clicks. Every employee must send their records at the end of their payroll period. The system sends email notifications to employees who forgot to submit their logs. Moreover, managers have reports where they can see in real-time who is recording their time, who is not, and can send reminders to employees to submit thier timesheets.

How are work hours calculated?

The math behind calculating the hours within a timesheet is not overly complicated. A timesheet software will deduct the time you clocked out from the time you clocked in. For example, if you had worked from 9 am to 6 pm and took a lunch break from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm, you have worked eight hour on that day.

How do employees complete their timesheets?

Using the web-app, they can clock-in or input their time directly into the timesheet view. Once the payroll period is complete, they will be able to submit their timesheet for approval. Before submitting, they can check if all the recordings are correct and complete, identify and correct discrepancies between the regular hours and the hours recorded.

Employees can also see when there are public holidays or they booked time off. The system automatically highlights when you have recorded overtime.

How often shall employees send their timesheet?

The time reporting policy varies. In some companies, employees register worked hours every time they arrive and leave the office. Others are more flexible and offer the employees the possibility to record the time only once at the end of the month. Some companies ensure that employees register the time they have invested in all work-related activities and breaks.

How do payroll and timesheets work?

Time tracking solutions make it easier to track the number of hours an employee has worked within the pay periods. These details are available as reports that can be introduced in the payroll software to get employees paid correctly for their hours worked.

Why use a timesheet to track employee work hours?

Using timesheets to track employee work hours has become a widespread practice. With a digital time-tracker, employees can record their time without errors. The recorded time is available within the employee time card for verification and submission, so employees can calculate their earnings.

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