Time and attendance management

Discover a software that joins both time management and attendance tracking within a powerful tool to keep both managers and employees more efficient and engaged.

By updating your workflows with innovative digital employee experiences, you drastically reduce administrative errors, improve compliance, and facilitate payroll calculation.

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Cloud-based time-tracking

Allow all types of employees to enhance their time tracking, booking holidays, and staying informed with a secure HR SaaS that focuses on your people's time and experience.

Power Employee Self-Service

Your employees are the most strategic asset of your business. Modern organizations offer modern tools to the employees, so they take the lead when it comes to professional administration of time and attendance.

Record employee time effectively

Supervisors benefit from the details of time tracked in real-time. Notifications for overtime or absent staff can be activated, and surprises avoided. Such functionalities are available from your smartphone, tablet, and connected laptop.

Benefits of the time and attendance system

Improves manager efficiency

As a manager, you will enjoy not only improved transparency but much more: better tracking, powerful notifications, smart approval workflows, automatic HR tasks, to name a few.

Reduces labor costs

Simple technology that digitizes paper and manual workflows ensures fast delivery of the administrative tasks. The information is more accessible to employees. Eliminate repetitive processing through automation.

Increase employee satisfaction

Clock-in from home, or office, or from your client's location on your mobile. Get notified if you forgot to clock-out or if it's time to submit your timesheet, or when your holiday request has been approved. Have clear insights about how much time off you have available, or how many hours have you worked in the last weeks, or who will be out of office next week.

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