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An improved way to track time and attendance!

Everyone will benefit from using the time-clock app. Employees will find entering time insanely accessible, team managers will stop spending hours tracking time, and financial staff will have all the payroll information they need just a click away.

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The Employee Time-Card

Employee time-cards remain the perfect tool to get perfect time tracking. Employees will clock-in and out during the day, and data will be available in real-time. Hours are recorded, taking into account the job or project the employee is currently working on. Employees can add comments in the Time-Card, on a specific activity they are engaged in.

Track worked hours

Tracking time worked can be used as a resource for performance review and training improvement. If one employee is handling two projects at once, the employee time-card will facilitate the calculation of worked hours.

Need a break?

Employees can easily record breaks, although managers will be ready to track lateness trends among the employees.

The alternative to Employee punch card

Forget about Punch Cards. Instead, an online time card is useful if you forget to clock out at the end of the day. Notifications are sent to both, employees and managers, so that everyone is kept in the loop.

Clock-in and Clock-out

We want to help you maximize your business potential every day. Employees need not worry about manually checking in their hours worked. Is it esential to offer them an easy Clock-in and Clock-out system.

The system gives you the option to monitor their individual 'clock-in' quickly and efficiently. Tracking how many hours in a week each employee has worked will not be a problem, the app allows for simple time entries to be added or corrected.

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Clock-in using a fixed device

One easy way to set up a time tracking system is to have a tablet at work, at everyone's disposal, where employees can clock-in and out. It is common to place the tablet near the entrance and exit of the building. With a few touches on the tablet, employees will record their work attendance.

Clock-in using a mobile device

You decide if you want to take time tracking to the next level. Enable your employees to clock in and out using their mobile devices. Managers will be able to see employees' exact time and location when verifying timesheets.

The timesheet app will also work as a reminder for both employees and managers.

You get notified if you forget to check-in when your shift starts, or if your clock is still on after you have finished your working hours.

When you add time-off, sick leaves, or yearly vacation, no one will disturb you any longer.

National or public holidays are added automatically, so no worries.

Be a time wizard. Tracking time accurately means that there will be fewer errors regarding payroll.

Managers are more confident in delivering real-time workforce attendance visibility.

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This simple yet reliable employee time tracking app for small and medium business saves you time and money.

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