Days Calculator

Are you looking to calculate the date difference between two important days?No worries. Simply input your start date and end date (the date range) into the table below, and voila! The number of days will be calculated for you instantly.


  • Edit the start date (earlier)
  • Edit the end date (later)
  • The calculator will provide you with the difference in the number of days between the two dates.

Days between dates calculator

This day counter is a handy tool to identify the number of days between dates quickly. Some popular uses of this date calculator are:

  • How many days are between the periods?
  • How many days since the contract started?
  • How many days are left until December?
  • Count the days until Christmas
  • How many days are remaining until a specific date?
  • Find the number of days between a specific range
  • Calculate the number of days from this date to that date

Note: the dates you enter must be in the following format: DD/MM/YYYY. You will get an error if the dates are not formatted correctly or the result doesn't appear.

The computing of days using the calculator count exclusively. You must add 1 day to your result to count inclusively. For example, the calculator calculates 1/1/2024 to 31/12/2024 as 365 days. However, if you try 1/1/2024 to 1/1/2025, the result will be 366 days. The year 2024 has 366 days.

Finding the number of days between two dates is important in timekeeping and administrative activities. You don't need to use an Excel formula or calendar to find the number of days between two dates. Computing, counting, measuring, or calculating the total number of days between two dates will be super easy.

Calculate working (business) days

The working days' calculator provides a date-to-date calculation of the number of days between the selected range, excluding weekends (Saturdays and Sundays). In this case, your timekeeping will be automated, and you will need to do a manual day count.

The counting of the working days is made considering that the workweek is of 5 days from Monday to Friday.

Enter the start and end dates, and the tool will automatically calculate the number of days between them.

Consider that this business day calculator includes the start date and the end date.

Note that this calculator does not include holidays.

Date time calculator

If you would like to add or subtract dates from a particular date, this calculator will do the work.

The date time calculculator is good for identifying the deadline for a particular agreement, contract or payment. Need to know the date in the future, depending on the number of days use 180 days (6 months), 90 days (3 months), or 30 days (1 month). Moreover you might start a new job and you have a 60 days job probation. With this date calculator you will identify the date in which that day will occur.

How many days until calculator

With this date calculator, you will be able to find out the duration between today and the selected date.

Typical uses of such as counter are:

  • how many days are until the vacation
  • how many days until Christmas
  • how many days until the birthday

Days since calculator

Our last calculator is the number of days since an a specific date took place.