When is Easter 2025?

Easter Day falls on Sunday, April 20, 2025.

Countdown to Easter

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Easter, a significant holiday in the Christian faith, unites Christians worldwide in celebration. This movable feast, observed on a different date each year, is a testament to the global unity of the faith.

Easter, a holiday steeped in profound history, is observed with reverence to honor the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. This miraculous event, believed to have taken place on the third day after his crucifixion, stands as a cornerstone of the Christian faith. As the New Testament of the Bible recounts, Jesus was crucified on a cross, but on the third day, he rose from the dead, appearing to his followers and affirming his divinity.

A combination of solar and lunar cycles determines the date of Easter. It is typically celebrated on a Sunday between March 22 and April 25. The exact date of Easter is calculated using a complex formula that considers the timing of the vernal equinox (the first day of spring) and the full moon.

Easter is a time for Christians to reflect on Jesus Christ's sacrifice and resurrection and celebrate their hope of eternal life through faith in him. Special church services, family gatherings, and traditional foods such as hot cross buns and lamb often mark it.

Some common Easter traditions include:

  • Decorating eggs: This tradition is believed to have originated in medieval Europe, where eggs were a symbol of new life and renewal. Easter Eggs can be decorated with patterns and decorations and colored in vibrant tones.
  • Bunnies and candy: The tradition of associating Easter with bunnies and candy is believed to have originated in Germany in the 16th century, during the Protestant Reformation. The Easter rabbit, a representation of fertility and fresh birth, is said to lay eggs for children to find, and the candy is often given as a treat.
  • Springtime renewal: Easter is often seen as a time of renewal and new life, as it falls during spring, a season of rebirth in nature. Many people take advantage of the warmer weather and enjoy activities outdoors, mirroring the spiritual renewal and new life celebrated in the Christian faith.

Overall, Easter is a significant holiday in the Christian faith, celebrated by Christians worldwide as a time of hope, renewal, and celebration.

Easter Dates

When the Easter Synday will take fall, and what's the Orthodox Easter date?

YearEaster Sunday 
(Gregorian calendar)
Eastern Orthodox Church 
(Julian calendar date converted to Gregorian)
2025April 20April 20
2026April 5April 12
2027March 28May 2
2028April 16April 16

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