Time duration calculator

The time calculator allows calculating the duration in hours and minutes between two times. Use this calculator to add hours to a timesheet, time card or for payroll purposes.

Our calculator allows automatic calculation between two times (start and end time), in decimal and hours and minutes format.

Time Calculator

The time duration calculator provides two types of answers:
A. The hours and minutes - eg: 7 hours and 45 minutes provide a great example of how much time you have spent on a specific project;
B. The decimal format is usually helpful for calculating payroll based on worked time. Ie 4.38 hours at the price of $20 per hour = $87.6.

The calculator is useful for:

  • Payroll time calculations,
  • Timecard/timesheet purposes,
  • Calculating hours and minutes,
  • Calculating time elapsed,
  • Calculate the difference between 2 times,
  • Calculating daily duty time, or working hours,
  • Counting the shift times,
  • Simple math calculations when it comes to knowing the difference in hours between time A and time B,
  • Identifying how long a task takes to complete easily,
  • Determining how much time you have worked on a particular project.

Reduce the errors, gain more time, and simplify the time calculations with our online tool.

Introduce the start time ie: 7:45 am and end time 5:30 pm

The calculator will provide automatically a calculation of the duration between the start time and the end time in hours and minutes in two formats.

Once you submit the two dates, automatically you will get the number of hours and minutes between the two selected times.

The hours entered must be a positive number between 1 and 12 or zero (0).

The minutes entered must be a positive number between 1 and 59 or zero (0).

Hours and minutes time adder - Time calculator

This easy and simple time calculator allows you to add sum up hours and minutes, while Identifying the total sum of it.

Adding time is not the most straight forward calculation, since 1 hour has 60 minutes not 100.

To benefit of this calculator, just add your hours and minutes, into the format HH:MM into the time 1, time 2, etc time 10. Once you add you hours the result will automatically show up.

Convert Hours and Minutes to Decimal Hours

Convert Decimal Hours to Hours and Minutes

Minutes conversion to decimal hours chart

If you like to do the conversions manually, this chart/table will be handy, when dealing with many such calculations. 

MinutesDecimal Hours  MinutesDecimal Hours  MinutesDecimal Hours
1.02 21.35 41.68
2.03 22.37 42.70
3.05 23.38 43.72
4.07 24.40 44.73
5.08 25.42 45.75
6.10 26.43 46.77
7.12 27.45 47.78
8.13 28.47 48.80
9.15 29.48 49.82
10.17 30.50 50.83
11.18 31.52 51.85
12.20 32.53 52.87
13.22 33.55 53.88
14.23 34.57 54.90
15.25 35.58 55.92
16.27 36.60 56.93
17.28 37.62 57.95
18.30 38.63 58.97
19.32 39.65 59.98
20.33 40.67 601.0

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