Hours Calculator

Are you looking to calculate the hours difference between two important hours? No worries. Simply input your start hour and end hour (practically range) into the form below, and voila! The total of hours will be calculated for you.

Hourly Calculator

Easily determine the hours worked by inputting start and end times, and let the calculator do the rest.

How to use the hours calculator?

By simply modifying the start and end times, and clicking calculate, our tool will efficiently provide the number of hours you've worked in hours, minutes, and decimals. This is particularly useful for your time card calculations, saving you time and effort.

Hourly Calculator Between Two Dates

If your work hours span multiple days, this calculator can accurately report the time worked, helping you avoid manual calculations.

How to use the time between dates calculator?

When your shift spans across days, the manual calculation can be daunting. Our calculator simplifies this process. Just define the start and end dates and times, and the calculator does the rest. With a single press of the calculate button, the system presents a summary and the result in hours and minutes plus hours decimal, giving you the confidence that your calculation is accurate.

Tip: Also, see the days calculator to review the number of days between a specific number of days, with the possibility of adding and subtracting hours and a working days calculator.

Work Hours Calculator

This tool is tailored for calculating work hours with breaks and offers precise time breakdowns, ensuring accuracy in your hours worked.

How to use the work hours calculator?

If you use the clock calculator, specify the start to end of your workday, and want to add a specific number of minutes of break, then this calculator provides the required answers.

The tool accurately calculates the entire hours worked and deducts the break time. Once you click Calculate, you can be sure that you will have a precise breakdown of your time in hh:mm and hours decimal, providing you with a secure understanding of your work hours.

Tip: When you need to sum up some times, or add few hours to a particular time, check out the time calculator.