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Start uing the military time converter to help you with military time to regular time (12 hours time), and the other way around.

Military / 24 Hour Time Calculator

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How to convert military time?

Converting Military time is a straightforward process that anyone can master.

  • From 0000 to 1200, the time is essentially the same as the standard time. Include am for the morning.
  • From 1300 to 2400 - subtract 1200 to get the standard time
  • From 1200 to 1259, you will add a colon and include pm to indicate the time is after 12:00 noon
  • 0000 and 2400 are practically at 12:00 am midnight.

Example 1730 - 1230 = 5:00 pm

Military time, with its precision, is the standard for all major emergency services in the United States and Canada, providing a secure and error-free system.

Because colons are not used in this time format, they differ from the standard 24-hour format and are pronounced differently.


How do you say the four-digit number in military time?

  • 1330 Thirteen thirty hours
  • 1600 Zero six hundred hours
  • 2000 Twenty hundred hours.

0000Zero hundred hours00:0012:00 am (MIDNIGHT)
0100Zero one hundred hours01:001:00 am
0200Zero two hundred hours02:002:00 am
0300Zero three hundred hours03:003:00 am
0400Zero four hundred hours04:004:00 am
0500Zero five hundred hours05:005:00 am
0600Zero six hundred hours06:006:00 am
0700Zero seven hundred hours07:007:00 am
0800Zero eight hundred hours08:008:00 am
0900Zero nine hundred hours09:009:00 am
1000Ten hundred hours10:0010:00 am
1100Eleven hundred hours11:0011:00 am
1200Twelve hundred hours12:0012:00 pm (NOON)
1300Thirteen hundred hours13:001:00 pm
1400Fourteen hundred hours14:002:00 pm
1500Fifteen hundred hours15:003:00 pm
1600Sixteen hundred hours16:004:00 pm
1700Seventeen hundred hours17:005:00 pm
1800Eighteen hundred hours18:006:00 pm
1900Nineteen hundred hours19:007:00 pm
2000Twenty hundred hours20:008:00 pm
2100Twenty-one hundred hours21:009:00 pm
2200Twenty-two hundred hours22:0010:00 pm
2300Twenty-three hundred hours23:0011:00 pm
2400Twenty-four hundred hours24:0012:00 am (MIDNIGHT)

With the table above you can easily identify the answers to questions like: what is 7pm military time, and will find 1900 as the 7 pm equivalent.

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