Google Sheets Schedule Templates (with Free Professional Examples to Download)

People management requires exquisite organizational skills, the ability to plan efficiently, and the right tools. Regardless of the number of employees in your company, data will be added, tasks will overlap, and payments will need to be made on time. Without straightforward scheduling, you will get lost in repetitive and time-consuming tasks, make mistakes, and stay behind your agenda. Therefore, knowing how to use Google Sheets schedule templates is a skill you must have.

Furthermore, Google Sheets provides almost all the features of Microsoft Excel for free. It is an online tool that allows you to share your files with colleagues and managers. It’s also a collaborative tool, meaning the employees can check their work schedules, make notes, and even clock-in and clock-out. Here are the most popular Google Sheets schedule templates for HR processes.

Weekly Employee Schedule Template

The weekly employee schedule records the working hours of each employee over a week. For each employee, the spreadsheet holds the time they start and end work, giving you valuable insight over the entire week. You can input data yourself or allow employees to clock in and out. 

Here is where the advantages of using a Google Sheets spreadsheet become apparent: your employees can access and modify it daily because it is an online file. This saves you precious time and increases motivation and responsibility among the employees.

Download our free Google Sheets Weekly Employee Schedule Template

Weekly Work Schedule Template

The weekly work schedule is more project-oriented than the basic weekly employee schedule. For each employee, the spreadsheet holds information about the tasks they are working on and the time they need to give each task in a day. At the end of the week, you will know exactly how many hours were given to each task by one or all employees.

Like the basic weekly employee schedule, you can grant access to your employees and allow them to enter the number of hours they worked instead of the planned hours. You can then compare planning and execution and adjust the hours for the next week.

Download our free Google Sheets Weekly Work Schedule Template

Monthly Task Schedule Template

The monthly task schedule is perfect for long-term projects as it covers an entire year. You get a monthly calendar that you may use to track holidays, leave, and tasks. You can easily navigate between months, predict trends, and solve problems. The spreadsheet shows working days and weekends. You can print it and hang it on the office’s wall to encourage employees to contribute and share their schedules.

Bonus: Our Google Sheets Monthly Task Schedule Template works for any year. All you have to do is replace the year in the January tab, and the entire calendar will be updated.

Download our free Google Sheets Monthly Task Schedule Template

Daily Agenda Schedule Template

The daily agenda schedule is dedicated to a single employee and details their daily activity. Because it is an online file, you can check on each employee at the end of the day. You’ll know exactly the tasks they are currently working on, whether they take a lunch break, how many meetings per day they have on average, and how much time they spend writing reports. All this valuable data helps you improve people management and ensure they aren’t overloaded.

Download our free Google Sheets Daily Agenda Schedule Template

How to Make a Schedule on Google Sheets?

It’s always easy to start from a template. You can use either one of ours or one provided by Google Sheets. To use one of our Google Sheets schedule templates, create an empty spreadsheet and go to File -> Import. Then, select the file from your computer. To use one of Google Sheets templates, go to File -> New -> From Template Gallery and choose the template you need. The Schedule template is the most suited.

Change the start date. Usually, the first day in a weekly schedule template is a Monday, but you can choose any date. You can also add or remove rows to accommodate your number of employees, tasks, or relevant times of the day. Personalize the template before adding data because it will be much more difficult to change it afterward.

Once you are satisfied with the structure and format and have verified the formulas in the spreadsheet, start adding information. You may also want to share the file with your colleagues, manager, or employees and grant them access to add or modify data.


Google Sheets schedule templates are easy to use and free. However, they are complex tools that provide all the functions you need to manage your employees, track tasks, and plan daily agendas. Furthermore, they are shareable, collaborative, and stored online. You can access them from any device with a browser and internet connection. And that means gaining flexibility, speed, and transparency, all valuable resources for a small or large business.