What Week of the Year Is It?

If you want to know the week number of the year are we, find the answer below.

Week 26

The week number in ISO 8601 week-numbering system is:
26 out of 52 weeks.

Week starts: Monday, June, 17

Week ends: Sunday, June, 23

Monday is the first day of the week for more than 3 billion people from including from UK, France, Germany, Spain, Poland, EU, China, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Congo, Kenya, or Uganda.

Current week number in US standard format is:
26 out of 52 weeks.

Week starts in US: Sunday, June, 23

Week ends in US: Saturday, June, 29

June 2024

Sunday is the first day of the week for approximately half of the world. In the United States, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Japan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and New Zealand the first day of the week is Sunday on their calendars.

How many weeks left in 2024?

There are 27 weeks left and we are currently in week 26 of 2024.

Compute weeks from today

We provide the most common calculations of weeks from today, Sunday, June 23, 2024:

6 weeks from today: Sun, August 4, 2024

8 weeks from today: Sun, August 18, 2024

10 weeks from today: Sun, September 1, 2024

12 weeks from today: Sun, September 15, 2024.

How to get the current week’s number in Excel?

You might work with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets consistently for your projects or to determine the pay dates for your employees. If this is the case, then the WeekNum and ISOWeekNum functions to determine the current week number.

- WeekNum uses the week containing January 1 as the first week of the year. The outcome ranges from 1 to 54. 

- ISOWeekNum uses the week containing the first Thursday of the year as the first week of the year. This adheres to the week numbering system defined by ISO 8601 for dates and times. The ISOWEEKNUM function provides only week numbers from 1 to 52.

So the formula to get the current week number in Excel is  =WEEKNUM(TODAY()) or = ISOWEEKNUM(TODAY()) for the ISO number.

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Week Numbers for 2024

We list all the weeknumbers for 2024.

All weeks in the table below are starting on Sunday and ending on Saturday following the US standard.

Current week is 26.

Week NumberWeek Number Start DateWeek Number End Date