Australia Time Now

What is the time in Australia now in minutes and seconds?

Australia has nine time zones (including the remote islands). Below we share the time in 3 most important cities:

Time in Australia Capital Canberra: 3:14:09 PM

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Time in Sydney, Australia: 3:14:09 PM

Time in Melbourne, Australia: 3:14:09 PM

Current timezone: AEST
Current offset: UTC/GMT +10:00
Observe DST: No

Australia Time Zones Map

In the map below you can observe different timezones, according to various colors per different States/territories in Australia. Note that in the table below you can find also the time zone differences, offsets, and more details for each color. This map is based on a Wikipedia map.

 UTC+06:30  (year round)CocosCocos Island - CC
 UTC+07:00  (year round)ChristmasChristmas Island - CX
 UTC+08:00 (year round)WesternWestern Australia - WA
 UTC+09:30 (year round)CentralNorthern Territory - NT
 UTC+09:30UTC+10:30CentralSouth Australia - SA,  Broken Hill
 UTC+10:00 (year round)EasternQueensland - QLD
 UTC+10:00UTC+11:00EasternNew South Wales - NSW,  Tasmania - TAS, Macquarie Island, Victoria (state) - VIC, Australian Capital Territor - ACT, Jervis Bay Territory - JBT
 UTC+11:00UTC+12:00NorfolkNorfolk Island - NF

Australia Time Zones Map