Excel Your Time Tracking Skills With a Work Hours Tracking App

A business must know how to keep track of your employees’ working hours if you want a productive and organized environment. Having inaccurate data about worked hours will always cost you money, and it’s essential to avoid it. A daily tracker can be the salvation for businesses of all sizes from any industry.


  • What to consider when choosing a work-hours tracking solution?
  • Advantages of using a work hours app
  • Desired features to look for when choosing a work hours software

What to consider when choosing a work-hours tracking solution?

As it is with everything, one size does not fit all. Therefore, be prepared to choose the time tracking software that is suitable for you and your team. You should take into consideration several factors when choosing. Let’s see what should you be paying attention to:

  • Team size - depending on this, you will decide how much you can spend on a tracking app and how many features you need. It may be the case that simplicity is key (for example, for a small team of under ten employees)
  • Team type - is your whole team working remotely? Are they located in one single office, or in multiple offices, across the world? 
  • Team workflow - before deciding on a specific app, make sure you are aware of the workflow within your team: how many tasks employees perform for every project, do results depend only on people or also on customers?
  • Leadership style - another factor to consider because if you, as a business owner or manager, are the transparent type, you will want to have an app that is top in this department. Do you want to empower your employees? 
  • Teamwork style - you need to determine how close is the collaboration within the team, or if swapping roles among employees is an option or rather not. Managers need to consider these aspects before making a decision.

Tip: we have a great guide on motivating your team to use a time-tracker.


Advantages of using a work hours app

Keeping track of employee work has many advantages. Let’s see some of them:

  • it helps create an atmosphere of transparency within the organization
  • it’s a great way to be more straight-forward with the customers
  • it helps to detect workflow development ideas
  • it helps in improving scheduling and planning.

Try to see an app for time tracking as a crucial part of your business strategy, and you will have a competitive advantage.

Desired features to look for when choosing a work hours software

You can have the best time tracking features with AraHR, the cloud-powered software that enables you and your team to track the exact time you spend at work! It’s not important if your team is small or big; Ara can help regardless of the company’s size.

Time tracking for employees and all departments

Offer your employees the gift of transparency. Being in control of the tracking of their time will show them you appreciate them. But they won’t be the only ones happy. Managers and supervisors will have updated data available at all times, and the HR and financial departments will spend less time on their specific tasks, thanks to the tracking software. The app will offer a real-time view of the team’s work, so the admin of your choice will see everything as soon as it happens. All movements, in just one picture!

Flexibility of use

Your employees can track their time hourly on the device of their choice or a web browser. In these times of uncertainty, being able to clock in and out from your phone is definitely an advantage. Our app is user-friendly, and the system stores user-generated data in the cloud. Sounds awesome, right?

Automated time management

Our app will track the time worked by every employee, and it will also automatically calculate the time worked in hours and minutes per each workday.

If there are mistakes, if employees forget to clock in, it’s not an issue. They can add time manually, adjusting the missed period of times, along with an explanatory note, and the admin will approve the adjustment.

Keeping track of overtime has never been easier.

Complex reporting

Reporting has always been a challenge, but this task will be much easier with the support of an app that does the work for you. Ara allows for a comprehensive oversight regarding the worked hours, which will also lead to check attendance patterns and behavioral standards.

The HR and time reports are straightforward, can be shared with other managers, and are very simple to export.

Accounting and payroll integrations

Streamline the work of your HR and payroll department with Ara. The time clock application provides the weekly hours worked and is a great aid for payroll calculations.

GPS tracking for off-site employees

It’s the best way to know at all times the location of your employees, whether they are on a business trip or on a client visit.

Your employees can forget all about filling out paper sheets with the daily or weekly time spent on work. By using a work hour tracking app, algorithms facilitate time-related tasks. They can check-in at any time, regardless of their location - their desk in the office or a remote site. It will enhance not only their work and productivity but also your chance to succeed as an organization.