Welcome new employee email/letter

You know that the first days of work are extremely influential to every employee’s path in your company. This is why we believe a welcome letter/email is a must in your effective onboarding process. It will create excitement for the new employees, while also providing important information. By sending them this letter, you make them feel even more sure that they made the right decision when accepting your job offer.

This article is split into two parts: Welcome new employee email template and Welcoming the new hire to the team sample email.

Why welcoming new employees is important?

The first day at work is monumental. For the new hire, it could be a new city, industry, or career. For your company, it is one step closer to your team’s goals.

New hires need to be engaged from day one, they need to be connected to the manager, guided on the onboarding process, learn about the company and its culture. A great employee experience if the onboarding process takes place successfully.

Since the first day is something the new hire usually remembers, make it remarkable. Get some doughnuts!

By helping your new hires start with the right foot in their day, you’re also setting them up for success with your company.

Welcoming new employees correctly is critical. According to Gallup, managers account for 70% of the variation in employee engagement1.

[1] Gallup: Managers Account for 70% of Variance in Employee Engagement

10 Steps to Welcome New Employee Successfully

Once you understand the importance of welcoming like a pro your new hires, there are some additional steps to intensify the way an employee starts the new job. The following recommendations contribute to the integration and long term retention of your workforce. Preparation is key.

  1. Send a welcome letter and introduce the new hire to the team.
  2. Send benefits information and explain how compensation works.
  3. Send the employee handbook and other relevant team documentation.
  4. Assign them a mentor.
  5. Provide access to the email, intranet and other software or equipment such as the copy machine. Explain the schedule and provide a timesheet if needed.
  6. Conduct a general job orientation. Give them a tour of the office. Share info such as parking rules.
  7. Be prepared - verify the new employee checklist.
  8. Prepare the employee office & access badge. You might add a welcome gift.
  9. Set a lunch date with you and the team colleagues.
  10. Tell them what to expect next and assign the first task.

How to make new employees feel welcome?

To make the new employees feel welcome, you have to take in consideration behaviours and social aspects. From a human perspective, be inclusive. Treat the newcomer as a team member. Be friendly with him/her. Think about how you would have liked to be treated. Give them full attention, be empathic and don’t overwhelm with information from day 1. Give some breaks, go for a coffee, ask also your new hire about the expectations and what does she think about the company. Explain the big picture. Start by sharing why, how and what. Remember that not employees are the same, and that you need a bit of patience and maybe you need to explain again some procedures.

Be open to new ideas, to feedback, to fresh perspectives about your business and about the industry you’re in. Your first impression is essential in developing a solid working relationship and motivating a new recruit to help your company succeed over a long time.

What elements to include in a successful welcome letter or email?

It is up to you how formal do you create this letter. A personal touch is always welcome. The welcome letter, as the announcement email should not be long and complex.

Just include:

  • a welcome phrase;
  • offer warm appreciation that they are joining;
  • offer connections with the company
  • define the next steps and provide basic logistic aspects: when is the start date, at what time, dress code, what will he/she do on the first and maybe second day etc.;
  • emphasize the onboarding process - mention the qualities that were essential to the hiring and a small prospect of the future;
  • reassure him that any questions prior to the start date will be answered.

New Hire Welcome Letter/Email Template

To help you craft the perfect warm welcome email or letter and save time, find below a concrete example. Feel free to customize it according to your needs and send it via email or traditionally a few days before the new hire start date.

Subject: Welcome [Name] to our team
Dear [Employee name],
I'd like to welcome you to [insert company name]. We are excited that you have accepted our job offer. Your role is critical in reaching our targets within the [Department name].
I trust that this letter finds you mutually excited about your new employment with [insert company name].
We’re looking forward to seeing you on the [date] at [hour] for your employee orientation at [address].
You will meet with me to discuss your integration within our company and with Human Resources staff to discover all about employment-related issues.
Regarding our dress code, you should know it’s [casual/formal].
During your second day, you can expect to meet your team members and begin the training for the project you’ll be working on.
Again, welcome to the team. I feel excited about working with you since your determination will bring you success in short and long term.
If you have questions before your start date, please call me at [insert your phone number], or send me an email at [insert your email address], if that is more convenient.
[Manager signature]

Download as Welcome Email Template in Word

Who should sign the new employee welcome letter?

The welcome message can be signed or emailed by the CEO or general manager of the company, the team manager, the direct supervisor or the person in charge of hiring. This is an early opportunity to create a bond with the new employee.

Welcome to the team email

The employee announcement email is a significant part of the onboarding process and should be sent during the first week of the new hire.

There are 2 reasons you should include such an email in your onboarding procedures:

  • the announcement is meant to welcome the new hire to the company in a positive and gracious manner. He/she will feel appreciated from the beginning and will get a good vibe from you, as an employer.
  • all the other members of your team have the chance to get information about the newest colleague and they will understand if and how will they work with the new hire.

By including this email in your onboarding process you contribute to an atmosphere where the new hire feels valued from the first day and you simplify conversations between him/her and other teammates.

What elements to include in the announcement email?

Design a short and concise email with preliminary information: present the new hire and their job position, the start date, their main responsibilities and what their professional background is. We recommend including a short fact about the employee’s life (such as a hobby or favorite TV show), since this may act as an icebreaker: colleagues could lean on this information to start a conversation about possible common interests.

If you want to write the best new hire announcement email, consider adding a photo of him/her and share info about how other members of the team can reach him/her.

Welcome new hire to the team email template

No need to worry about the format of the welcome email. We offer you a free template, ready to use. Just one click and your onboarding process is complete with the new hire announcement email.

Subject: Welcome John Leary to our Marketing Department
Greetings everyone,
It is my pleasure to announce that John Leary will be joining our team as a Marketing Specialist on the 1st of June of 2020.
John Leary will work with the Marketing team to execute effective marketing strategies, assist with campaign development, analyze the effectiveness of our campaigns and develop our lead generation programs. John will report to Michael Johnson, our head of department.
John's degree is from Colombia University, where he majored in marketing and minored in business management.
He has previously worked at 2 important companies in our field. You can reach John on extension 843 or by email at john.leary@yourcompany.com. He's also an enthusiastic player of tennis so let him know if you need a partner for a match.
Please take a moment to introduce yourself to John and join me in welcoming our newest team member!
[Your Name]
[Company standard signature format, logo, etc.]

Download as New Employee Welcome Email to the Team Template in Word

Who should send this announcement email?

Well, you have 2 options. You can leave this responsibility to the HR department or you can embrace a more personal approach and put the hiring manager in charge of this task.

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