Invoice template

Download our free-to-use invoice templates for Word, Excel, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. Choose the professional invoice template designs and start invoicing your clients today.

Free Invoice Template

Are you starting to invoice your clients? We offer an easy-to-use and free invoice template that you can use in your daily business. You need to download the template, fill in the invoice fields, and send it via email to your client or print it to mail the invoice.

Download free invoice templates

Although there are many styles and options for formatting an invoice, we decided to go for one general, multi-purpose template. This template is easy to customize and can be downloaded in various formats.

Our templates are print-friendly, and you can customize them as you want. They include all the essential components of an invoice.

Word invoice templates

If Microsoft Word is your friend, and if you want an invoice you can use now, download the invoice we have prepared for you. Although the invoice looks excellent, you might encounter some challenges. Calculating the total amount will be a manual job. Additionally, if you want to add extra items, it might become frustrating.

Word Invoice Template

Google Docs invoice template

You are always on the run. You use your tablet, smartphone, or your Mac online to send an invoice to your client. Since you're looking for an invoice to use for free, here is a Google Doc version that you will enjoy:

Google Docs Invoice Template

Excel Invoice Template

This free invoice works wonders for all kinds of business. It fits project management companies, service providers, experts, consultants, and freelancers well. It has a simple design; it is visually easy to go through and easy to use. This template is compatible with spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel.

Excel Invoice Template

Google Sheets Invoice

Since you like to have all the documents in the cloud, that is always accessible, you definitely like G Sheets. We have prepared a professional invoice that is ready to download in Google Sheets.

The components of this invoice are:

  • the details of the company providing the products or services,
  • the buying company,
  • the items bought, and
  • the invoicing date and due date.
  • an automatic calculation goes for the total cost, taxes, and discounts.

Google Sheets Invoice Template

Invoice sample

Perfectionists like me like to have all the details available so that the risks are reduced to zero. This is why an invoice sample is of good use when you want to discover a sample invoice or an invoice example to guide you in building your perfect document.

Sample Invoice Template

How to send an invoice?

Find below the steps needed to go from a blank template to a professional invoice. Follow the steps without any stress:

  • Download your free sample invoice template
    customize your business name and contact information — you might add a logo
  • Include your client’s name and contact information
  • Create a unique invoice number
  • Add the invoice date and payment due date
  • List the services or items with descriptions and costs for each one of them
  • Calculate the total at the bottom
  • Add the payment terms
  • Check that the details are correct: client data, items mentioned, costs, taxes, and payment details
  • Save it as PDF.
  • If you send it via email, then create a new email and attach the PDF invoice.
  • If you send it via mail, print the PDF invoice, and then mail it to the address of your client, with the payment details.

Why types of invoices exist?

Among the variety of invoices that are there we would like to mention the following:

  • Standard invoice — outlining the amount of money a client owes to your business
  • Recurring invoice — the purpose of is to accept ongoing payments for specific time-intervals, such as one month or one year
  • Prepayment invoice — use this invoice to collect a down payment or deposit before collecting the final payment
  • Time-based invoice — billing clients for services done in a timed manner usually with a price per hour standard.

How to use an invoice template?

An invoice template is important for collecting payments from your clients. Customize the input fields so that it reflects the needs of your business and your client. Additionally, you need to include the invoice number, to be able to track various transactions and charges. Add the list of items and services, the costs of each of them, terms and conditions, date of issue and due date.

Why the invoice template is important?

We have prepared a list of benefits so that you understand the importance and value of an invoice:

  • Keep track of client transactions
  • Recording client payments
  • Enforcing payments according to due dates
  • Recording tax details
  • Have an inventory of the products sold
  • Ease bookkeeping
  • Cut miscommunication between the client and your business
  • Avoid missing payments.