PTO and Vacation Tracker

Are you wondering where you can find an accessible employee vacation tracker?
You just uncovered it! Here is the Excel document that allows you to check every employee's PTO at only one glance.

Features of the free Excel PTO and Vacation Tracker

  • Track employee PTO and sick leave;
  • Vacations/Holidays/Planned Leaves;
  • Configure leave types;
  • Unlimited number of employees;
  • Easy to follow;
  • Automatic calculation of the employee allowance.

What does PTO stand for?
Paid time off is the concept that defines the time employees spend away from work, during which they still receive compensation from the employer.

Going further, when HR practitioners talk about PTO, they refer to a particular HR policy. All paid time off is massed together into one category to increase efficiency on all company’s levels.

Therefore, PTO includes sick leave, vacation days, holidays, bereavement, parental leave, jury duty, military duty, etc.

The PTO policy has conquered more and more ground among small and medium companies nowadays. There are, of course, advantages and disadvantages.

Tips for managing PTO

  • As the employer, you have to decide if a PTO policy is compatible with your company's mission, vision, and culture.
  • To create an effective PTO policy, you must adopt the rules and procedures to your organization
  • A PTO policy should have clear guidelines to serve both employees and the employer.
  • Create rules meant to prevent abuses: a sick employee’s place is not at work. Send him home, even if he wants to “keep” his PTO days.

PTO and Vacation Tracker Excel Template

By using our template, you are practically using a sick leave tracker, a holiday tracker, a vacation tracker, and other types of leave tracker - all in one! Track all leaves with just one Excel.

PTO Tracker Template

Google Sheets PTO and Vacation Tracker

If yes, make a copy of the Free PTO and Vacation Tracker for Google Sheets

The spreadsheet is dynamic, helping teams track vacation, sick, unpaid, and remote leaves.

The sheet includes the formulas for calculating the total leaves per employee.

Linked with the vacation tracker stands a dedicated sheet with public holidays.

Google Sheet PTO / Vacation Tracker