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Time Tracking Sheet

Get the Excel time tracking template and use them right away to record the hours worked by your team.

Recording worked hours in the Excel way with our templates is easy. By tracking the hours when your employees are working on core tasks you will be able to make better decisions, track easily productivity, keep track of labor costs, analyze the effectiveness and forecast the time needed for the upcoming projects.

Features of the free time tracking sheet:

  • Record employee worked time daily
  • Free to download and use
  • Printable
  • Can be used offline
  • Helps on logging time worked on projects
  • No training needed.

Calculating the time worked in Excel, is practically done manually, by employees using a time tracking sheet template. They will be filling the hours worked daily, and at the end of the week, they will submit the document for approval to the manager or HR.

Tracking employee time or record keeping is required in the United States under the Department of Labor - Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Additionally, in the European Union, according to the European Court of Justice, employers must set up “objective, reliable and accessible” ways to track time to protect workers rights.

By using a template to track time, your employees will capture the time manually and it’s a good way to start logging the employee work hours on a weekly or project basis, for free. It has the formulas included and to use it just add the project and tasks that you are working on the clock in and out hours and the sheet does the rest automatically.

By working with templates and sheets and tracking employee time in Excel, there are also some disadvantages that you need to consider:

  • Errors might pop in as the data is added manually
  • You will need to send your timesheet manually to your manage manually
  • Limited flexibility in terms of ways to log your time entries
  • Long term records analysis is almost impossible
  • Printing paper is not a good policy in a digital-first landscape
  • Does not highlight overtime automatically.

The alternative to Excel time tracking is an automated online software to log worked hours:

  • Save time on recording hours
  • Approve the weekly timesheets from your smartphone
  • Tracks overtime, PTO, holidays and sick leaves
  • Back-ups the data in the cloud
  • Facilitates company-wide time reports with few clicks.

Download now the time tracking template
, and start logging hours in your small and medium business.

Here is a tip: In our HR template folder you can find as well an Timesheet template in Excel, Word, PDF formats that are simple to use for weekly, bi-weekly and monthly pay-periods.