Employee attendance tracker

Do you want to track the attendance of your employees at work? Download the Excel attendance tracker and be ready to start tracking employee time-off records like a pro.

How to use the employee attendance tracker?

This simple attendance tracker will help you to track the presence and absence of your staff in a visual way. You will have access to a statistical dashboard with the core HR records needed for payroll, planning and employee management.

Regardless of the number of employees, you can download this fee excel template to view all employees yearly allowance in one workbook. Moreover, you can setup each employees, add the leaves of absence of every of your staff member, configure the leave types of choice, and introduce the company holidays for a complete experience.

  • The excel attendance tracker has all the formulas added
  • You have a summary of the staff days in leave, working days, sick, vacation, bereavement and other leaves of absence for any of your employees.
  • The calendar view comes handy durring the summer and winter holidays.
  • You need to configure it to fit your company needs
  • You need to add the info on behalf of your employees (no single sign on)
  • No back-up. If your computer crashes, you lose the data.

Employee attendance tracker guide

You can view in the video below, a general walktrough on how to modify the excel attendance tracker to fit better your company

Note: This Excel template was developed by the Microsoft Office team. We would like to thank them for it!

Employee attendance tracker template

This free to use employee tracker template has all the formulas to help you track time off, vacation, sick leave and other staff absences and it's ready to be used by HR managers in small and medium business. Find a screenshot below to have an idea how the leave tracker looks like before you download it.

Download the Employee attendance tracker template