Employee attendance sheet

Do you want to track the attendance of your employees at work? Download the Excel attendance template and be ready to start tracking employee presence.

How to use the employee attendance sheet?

The available sheet has several inputs: time arrived and time left for 30 days of the month. The supervisor has space for signature also.

Such attendance trackers are very popular as you will have a record of the hours worked by your employees, and also the leaves such as Paid Leave, Sick Leave, Maternity Leave, etc.

Moreover, the HR departments will be more comfortable once they have some documents that can facilitate their work on payroll and report on employee performance.

  • Have all the details about your employee on one page
  • Monthly attendance data stored safely
  • Switch easily from paper based attendance to digital one.
  • Need to have all the data introduced manually
  • The data must be processed one more time by the payroll people
  • Formulas are not yet available.

Download the Employee attendance sheet template

Note: We are working on new attendance sheets, to track multiple employees, with formulas, and to help calculate the worked hours.