Asset Management Template [Free Excel Tracking Template included]

The asset management template will be your repository to track your computers, laptops, other hardware, software, or accessories owned within your business. With this sheet, you can easily monitor expiration dates, the state of the items, or where they are currently located. This Excel asset tracking sheet is for free, and you can download and customize it as you plan.

What is an asset manager?

An asset manager is a simple table used by small and medium businesses to keep track of their physical assets. Assets management is particularly difficult for companies with distributed teams and remote workforces.

The easiest asset manager template is an Excel spreadsheet that categorizes items and stores all their information. If you need more advanced tools, look for asset tracking software solutions. ARA asset management solution provides everything you need to track the company’s assets, monitor their distribution across your workforce, and reduce the administrative work regarding their lifecycle.

What are the benefits of using the asset manager template?

An asset manager template has many benefits, such as:

  • A standard model for tracking assets across a distributed workforce
  • A simplified procedure for monitoring the lifecycle of the assets
  • Increased responsiveness for employees’ requests regarding their home offices
  • Reduced administrative tasks and operational costs.

When should you use an asset manager template?

An Excel asset manager template is helpful for small and medium businesses with few employees. A table is all you need to gather relevant information, such as data referring to the acquisition of an item, who is using it, and when it will require replacement or maintenance.

How to use the asset manager template?

Our asset manager template is ready to use. All you have to do is customize it to match your company’s requirements:

  1. Customize the template document by adding your company’s name, the date of the inventory, and the name of the person in charge
  2. Go to the legend sheet and add your employees’ names, departments, and category of items
  3. Go to the asset manager sheet and list your inventory
  4. Develop a procedure for periodically updating the inventory.

Asset tracking spreadsheet

Just click on the link below to dwnload our free asset manager template and take the next step towards streamlined asset management processes.

Download our free asset manager template

Tip: If you want to add more employees to the sheet, then go to the legend tab, click on Formulas > Name Manager > Employees, and personalize the number of columns your employee list is covering.