Cloud HR Software

AraHR is a cloud-based HR software packed with time-tracking, absence management, and dynamic HR processes. HR experts design the system to boost small and medium businesses' effectiveness, payroll accuracy and reduce absenteeism.

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Unlock value from the entire company

Switch from old systems and spreadsheets to a better way to manage your employees. Organize data from each employee, get informed decisions, see who is joining or leaving.

  • Birthdays and anniversaries
  • HR, time and attendance reports
  • Employee data

Streamline processes and policies

We understand complex business. We help with granular configurations. We solve challenging repetitive work with innovative technologies where others can't.

  • Weekly/Monthly Accruals
  • Dual approvers
  • Multiple permission levels

Seamless time and attendance management

No matter the circumstances, like work from home, sick, at a client, or right in the office, we got you covered. We help get the organization's pulse, record time worked, and give you an overall perspective at any moment.

  • Track time with clock-in applications
  • Company-wide calendars
  • Attendance trackers

HR Challenges if SMBs

A Cloud HR software helps managers to deal with people management challenges.

Supporting company growth

When you have to onboard 2-5 new employees weekly, you will have to create lots of new tasks, delegate them and ensure they are solved. If you don't have a reliable system put in place, errors can take place.

Accessing employee data reports

If your employee records are scattered across different locations: Dropbox, email, cabinets, or on an excel sheet, finding the needed information will be very challenging once your organization starts to grow.

Too many administrative tasks

When your HR department has to process all employee requests directly, it means that the existing operations are inefficient. By offering the tour workforce the possibility to access a Cloud-based employee portal, repetitive tasks will be dropped, and the productivity of the HR leaders increased.

Diverse types of employees

Full time/part-time, five days per week or only 3, working Sunday or not, working remotely or in the office, paid breaks or not, and so on. When your expectations are high, you need software that can deliver.

Your employees work remotely; however, your system is physical only

If you have a system to track time for the employees that work at the office, or in the manufacturing plant, or HQ, that is great. However, what can you do when they work from home, or at a client, or in a different location than usual. Switch to mobile time solutions that are accessible from any device.

Features of the Cloud HR System

  • Time tracker
  • Absence manager
  • Employee database
  • Employee documents
  • HR Reports
  • HR Analytics
  • Employee self-service

Benefits of Cloud HR Software

Reduce costs

When you automate hours of work done weekly not only by one employee but also by the majority, you cut the repetitive tasks, and your workforce becomes more efficient.

Find easier HR data

When you have the information scattered among spreadsheets, emails, paper, to find a particular email address or phone number, or date of birth could be a daunting task; however, it doesn't have to be so, when you can access your information in a breeze.

Enhanced security

While storing documents on a laptop might sound like a safe idea, it isn't. Think if the device is stolen or a particular file is deleted by mistake. With cutting-edge cloud solutions, back-ups are done daily, and the servers are protected 24/7/365.

Always updated

While locally installed software requires constant updates, modern hardware, and IT maintenance, a web-based solution is directly accessible from the browser – with your mobile, tablet, or desktop device.

Eliminate paper and paperwork

We're still encountering companies that have daily registers on paper with the employees' ins and outs. However, processing this data is time-consuming and doesn't provide any strategic insights.

Facilitates automation

With SaaS HR software, you will track absences, manage timesheets, onboard employees, and simplify people management while supporting the overall HR administration.