Employee offboarding

Letting your employees go is not just a goodbye email. It is a bit more. This process done professionally requires following a set of tasks so that both parties have a meaningful experience. The technology ensures that not only an employee leaves, but the process is not painful and that the exit tasks like asset retrieval, access revoked, and exit interviews happen.

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Automated workflows

Letting go should not be hard. By using automatic workflows, each resignation will follow a step by step process that allows you to track each task.

Turnover insights

Need to know how many people left this year versus how many employees you hired? Just check the HR analytics, and you will have the full perspective.

Exit interviews

Knowing what went wrong, how the culture can be improved, or how your benefits package versus the employees' expectations to strengthen your organization and build a better employee experience in the future.


Your automatic offboarding is your digital partner that sends reminders to the right stakeholders, ensuring that departure stays complete, compliant, and valuable.