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Manage all relevant employee documents in the cloud using one secure system with AraHR

It’s time to create a digital database for your company. Collect and share essential company information resources and documents with your employees in one great document management system.

Running a business implies making a lot of difficult decisions all the time, but you also need to make sure everything is organized. Storing files and documents for every employee can take up a lot from your valuable time, not to mention the constant concern to keep all those documents safe and secure.

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Too much information all over the company

We live in times when information availability is not an issue, but unfortunately, when speaking about HR documents, there is still a lot of data stored on paper. Just think about internal regulations, the employee handbook, presentations of company benefits. All this, still on paper in many companies. Tough, right?

Keeping it all organized

Surely you are tired of your desk being full of paperwork. It’s a nasty image and it may send the message you cannot handle your work volume. Forget about storage facilities inside the office building, they are not the answer to keeping crucial information safe 24/7 and accessing it whenever you need it.

Help your employees find what they need

It’s common for employees to waste work time looking for information regarding HR documents, benefits, etc. By using a document management system, you reduce this waste of time, and they will feel better being able to easily access all needed personal data.

Ara’s centralized system for keeping documents is the key to forgetting about searching in folders all day long. If you want to make sure that everyone is working for the same goal, you need to offer transparency. Share with your employees all documents and resources, from mission statements and values, business plan of the company, performance files, or even newly acquired equipment.

Company center point - you have here all the information you need, from company policies to personal employee files. Our document management system provides an efficient way of sharing files, so no time is wasted.

Clear levels of permissions - not all data can be accessible to everyone in the company because confidentiality must be a priority as usual. With our system, you can configure the needed levels of permissions, so that the right persons will access sensitive information. Restrict and enable access with a few clicks.

Company resources - make sure your resources are correctly allocated. You can keep a digital inventory of your assets and grant access to it to the employees in charge.

Enhance teamwork with a secure document management system

Digital management of files allows for greater independence for every employee: they can update their personal data on their own and the last step is confirmation from the HR department. Unnecessary paperwork can be waved goodbye from now on!

Important data available at all times - keep your employees informed about their rights and obligations, company policies, and procedures.

More time and space - boost your office space and save time on storing files and documents. You now have 24/7 access to relevant data and you can become a green company, by going paperless.

Security at its best - you can now stop worrying about whether your assets are safe. Keep a digital eye on them every day.

Dynamic features to help you consolidate HR tasks:


Document management system

Clear organizational company structure

Company assets

Space for employees’ personnel files

Central point of filing information

Possibility to customize levels of access to the system

Improved data security

GDPR compliant

Benefits of Ara’s document management system

Upload all categories of documents relevant to your company, such as personnel files, employee handbooks, procedures, company organizational chart, etc.

Access to the latest version of all document: no more outdated documents causing errors

Notifications remind you when documents are about to expire, so you can take measures to be compliant

Your employees can access all documents regardless if they’re in the office or working remotely

Possibility to archive old documents and release new ones, in order to keep an updated database constantly

All HR data is safely stored and encrypted on our servers, so you don’t have to worry about compliance

All the above can be of great help to you and your organization, so don’t waste any more time! Book a demo today and empower your employees!