HR Document Templates

Human resources documents are needed by employees all the time. Documents like an employee certificate for a bank, a contract agreement, or a seniority certificate are necessary. However, they take time to make them one by one as HR or Office manager. From recruiting to onboarding to retention, you need to perfect your document generation in your company to cut the repetitive tasks. AraHR helps you streamline document generation and save countless hours in managing your business.

By streamlining document creation within your business, you maximize efficiency. Document automation starts now.

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Accelerate document generation

Once you have one HR template, you can transform it into a dynamic document that fills automatically, every time is needed. Fields like first name, last name, a specific date, or period are automatically generated based on the system's information.

Fast document management

Generating contracts or certificates is a churn that needs to get done. Making the transition towards a digital template management system will help you increase consistency and reduce errors across the organization.

Ready to go templates

Once you create a new template, it will be available any time an employee needs it, directly, without the middleman, without questions or inconsistencies.

Simple from start to finish

How to use the HR Documents and Templates software?

  1. AraHR lets you assemble a new template effortlessly for the tasks and processes that you need to handle often. Start with a word template or directly from scratch, provide the content that you would like to see every time in a generated document.
  2. You can personalize its content or insert dynamic fields that will use the system's information.
  3. Setup permissions. Make it available company-wide, or to a specific set of employees.
  4. Validate the content of your dynamic documents. Enjoy the automatic population of data in your employee documents.
  5. Repeat with new templates. Once your template library gets more extensive, you will handle a more varied type of requests more efficiently, without the hassle and errors.

Smart document automation tools

Customizable templates

Migrate your database of HR templates into the cloud and make them smart. No matter if there are 5 or 50, you can be more efficient with document generation.

Automatically generated

The dynamic documents are automatically generated based on merge fields. Remove errors, ensure consistency and a high level of reliability every time is needed.

Create a new document in seconds

As an employee, you will be able to access relevant documents based on HR templates that are always up to date by converting existing data into ready to use docs.

With AraHR powerful document generating tools, you transform your HR processes. Eliminate email treads, multiple calls, meetings to get your paper ready. Start using smart templates with a document maker to your advantage.

Never do the same document twice.