People analytics

Get to know the insights about people using core data and create unique HR and organization opportunities. Data regarding headcount, turnover, gender balance, or absenteeism are very relevant insights to help you build a better organization.

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Decide strategically

HR professionals that have the data to prove their decisions are more productive and can act more confidently in managing, retaining, and engaging employees. Such measures improve the effectiveness, productivity, and ROI of the organization.

Discover powerful human resource insights

When your managers want to have more information upfront, you need to upscale your ability to provide key HR metrics or the KPIs required to understand what is happening in your organization. The HRIS from AraHR provides granular information in real-time about the most precious resource in your business - your people. You can filter the data department of geography level, check the diversity within the company: gender distribution, age in the company, spot trends, and gain new perspectives by reviewing absenteeism rates.


Access essential Human Resource KPIS using right from your smartphone or tablet.

Always updated

Your knowledge about your people will always be in control based on the data on the platform.

Permissions and access levels

Offer the possibility to generate HR analytics reports only to the right managers in your business.

Eliminate business challenges

Our People Analytics Software is addressing challenges such as the need to have a clear perspective on the human resources in the company. We offer such functionalities without the need of thinking about integrations that are challenging, time-consuming, and costly. Additionally, the module can create granular insights at the department level without manipulating any spreadsheets. You do not need IT to support to use such software, and the reports are securely stored.