Structured onboarding software

Start receiving help from a digital assistant to help you with onboarding processes in which all the tasks when recruiting a new hire are tracked and considered, without errors.

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Assign tasks to the right people

Automated onboarding eases that the right people know what they must do to ensure that every new employee can be productive from day one. Following your onboarding checklist, assigned tasks can be tracked efficiently without slippering in the cracks.

Save time in getting your people onboarded

For each employee, you have an onboarding status. It is like a checklist that can have one or multiple task owners. They receive automatic notifications regarding the jobs they need to handle until they are finished.

Not just onboarding

The HRIS software from AraHR helps with much more than just onboarding. It helps with time and attendance, documents, analytics, employee records, or offboarding.

Automated onboarding

Each new hire follows a specific onboarding checklist workflow.

Task assignments

Each step of the checklist is routed automatically to the responsible manager within the organization.

Employee documents

From now on, collecting multiple papers and keeping track of the missing and expiring ones will not be an issue.

Onboard like a pro

As a supervisor, you are responsible for welcoming the new hire and informing the team about the new team member. You also need to get the computer with the right software and right level of access on it, that the new hire gets invited to meetings, and if he or she has a problem, knows who to call. Usually, this happens since there are no clear procedures on what needs to be done, or by whom. Such situations generate high turnover among newcomers.

Such situations are costly, as you will have to start recruiting again, and the work does not get done until you find a new replacement. Using AraHR, similar challenges will be a thing of the past. We offer an in-depth employee onboarding guide.

What is employee onboarding software?

New hire onboarding software removes the need to create spreadsheets or paper forms and automates the workflows associated with getting your new employees productive within the company.