Org Chart

AraHR software offers a simple way to create hierarchical charts for your company. While other solutions require manual work to arrange each employee at the right place, and need constant updates, with the comprehensive HRIS from AraHR, you will be able to maintain your org chart updated with minimal effort.

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A valuable organizational chart

So, you would like to view the big picture. You want to understand what is happening in your company at any moment in time, to find the contact details easy and share them with your colleagues. Great. AraHR will be there when you need up-to-date charts.

Automatically updated

Making updates in word or excel to a chart with 5 to 15 employees is easy and doable. However, when your organization is growing fast, you need agility, you need productivity, and you need technology to help you remove the churns. What are you waiting for to boost your HR opportunities?

A global view on resources

Org charts are, by definition, illustrations created to represent the reporting relations within a business. Either you want to offer clarity to your employees, facilitate business planning, or strategize your goals, starting with the organization chart is always a good idea.

See the big picture

There is no secret about who works in your company. Each employee has a role, stands in a specific team, and has its corporate structure position. The org chart maker helps you to identify where each employee stands, no matter where you are. Think that the new hires will have an easier life understanding who is who and who is doing what.

Simple from start to finish

How to create your first org chart with AraHR?

  1. Register your company account

    Registering online is fast. No credit card is required. The small business benefit of free accounts, while larger ones benefit from a 14-days trial.

  2. Onboard your employees

    We help with free onboarding for free for companies larger than 40 employees. Otherwise, you can invite each of your employees one by one.

  3. Setup the teams and the supervisors

    You can easily set up the line manager, the team, and the office for each employee. These workflows help to generate a correct organizational chart.

  4. Keep the employee database updated

    Once you add a new employee, remove another, or make profile edits, the new org chart will reflect the changes.

  5. Reach us for help

    And if you have any difficulty making your chart represent your current organization structure, we want to know more and help you get there.

You might be interested in buying a dedicated org chart software; however, we recommend keeping your HR functionalities all in one and not struggle with integrations and coping with several tools. Nevertheless, AraHR is simple, flexible, affordable, and well-organized, offering you the organizational chart maker to clarify who is who, who does what, and who reports to whom.

Remember, AraHR is not just an org chart software. It’s much more than that. It’s packed with time and attendance features. It does help with onboarding, analytics, employee documents, automatic notifications, and so much more. Discover all the features and try our product today.