Asset management

From the time your business starts to grow, you begin to invest in devices and equipment. And the smartphones and laptops do not just get stored into safe cupboards but are being provided to your employees. Being able to track and monitor the distribution of gadgets within your team can be challenging. AraHR makes it simple and seemingly.

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Track your assets

Need to know how many computers have been distributed across your employees, or who has an old model? With our asset management functionality, this is easy.

Simplify operational workflows

Now it is easy to know what equipment the employee must give back when someone leaves a company. In this way, you reduce administrative work and eliminate human error regarding the lifecycle of your assets.

Easy to use

The software will offer you a light functionality of recording the assets associated with all your employees and their status at any moment in time.

The easy check-in check-out for your inventory

For each employee, you have an asset tab that allows you to add inventory associated with any employee. All the operations are made via a web-based interface that is accessible via any browser. With the system, employees can see what assets they have leased, and the history of utilization. In this way, it is much easier to track asset locations as an IT manager.

Which asset management software is the right choice for you?

When you consider purchasing such software, consider not only the fact that you are looking for an asset tracking solution but much more, one that can handle your employee records, help with onboarding, track expenses, and attendance, among others. Integrating with multiple solutions is costly, and the fragmentation of software is frustrating and ineffective.

What is asset tracking software?

Asset tracking software are programs that help organizations to monitor their assets that are physical or virtual. Such software usually functions in the cloud and helps store and track information regarding the assets' history, location, and other relevant details.