Expense management

One of the most tedious tasks to complete when running a business: expense management. Why do you ask? Because it usually involves paper receipts to be put in order and spreadsheets to fill. It sounds and is an activity that takes up a lot of time, so most modern companies switch to a smarter option: expense management software! We recommend you choose Ara for your business! Let’s see why.

Ara’s expense management software will save your company valuable time and money through automated expense administration. You will have a complex overview of employee spending and the right tools to stop it when needed. The software grants you the opportunity to review spending habits, trends, and enforce company policies regarding expense management.

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What is Ara’s expense management software offering?

  • An automatic cloud-based expense reporting system
  • Receipt management
  • Ability to submit expense reports from any device you have at hand, anytime
  • Option to set rules for pre-approvals
  • Automatic notifications for submitted and approved expenses
  • Manager approval with a few clicks
  • Reporting and detailed analytics on your company’s spending
  • Integration with 3rd-party accounting systems (Upcoming feature)

Gain control over your expenses with our software!

Less time spent on data entry

Forget about countless manual entries. Now you can get better accuracy on financials by importing expense information directly into your general ledger and accounting software.

Cut down on administrative tasks

With our automated expense management system, you will significantly reduce the time spent on completing spreadsheets.

Discover ways to save on reimbursement costs

Ara’s expense management software gives you an overview of your travel spending and insight into how to optimize this area.

Reimbursing employees is a piece of cake!

Compared to manual data entering, you will find Ara’s expense management system to be a blast. Fewer hours spent on this activity.

Streamline expense reviews and approvals

Managers will forget about checking paper receipts and will enjoy approving reimbursement requests with a few clicks. You can even create customized policies in the system and pre-approved spending, so everything is much easier. Once you have added your rules, any violation of them will trigger a notification.

Implement spending policies

Traveling for business is extremely common and almost necessary; therefore, your employees need to know the expense limits and guidelines. You can easily enforce them by using our system, and you can monitor spending in real-time.

Examine spending trends

You benefit from complex analytics, which will help you have an overview of your company’s spending. It’s your chance to find spots to cut down expenses and even negotiate better deals with your business collaborators.

Great experience for your employees

They can submit their expenses reports regardless of their location and using any device. Reimbursement has never been easier. Your employees can receive their money back for travel expenses as long as their requests do not violate your spending policies.

Get started right now! Use Ara’s expense management software, and you will be able to dedicate more time to the strategic matters that bring success to your business, rather than on tedious manual data entry.