HR task management

Simple task management to address HR activities more efficiently.

People's operations or simply administrative work can be challenging, especially when companies get larger; however, it should not be like this. Technology is here to help by taking most of the repetitive tasks that require our attention to make them happen. Keeping track of your HR tasks will boost your company's efficiency: no more sticky notes or many Excel spreadsheets. Enjoy a straightforward experience by having all the essential information in an all-in-one easy to use HRIS system.

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Human resource task management benefits

It does not need to be complex

Keeping up with onboarding three new employees, looking after expiring documents, validating timesheets or expenses sounds like many tasks for someone to handle. Once you have everything on one screen and have all the data well organized so that it is straightforward to decide, your work gets more accessible. Fast approval of employee requests has an indirect effect: their satisfaction goes higher.

Have a global perspective on where things stand

While other software requires us to design complex diagrams and configure complicated steps, with AraHR, we keep it user friendly, providing a general perspective on what you need to do from a human resource perspective.

Have a digital HR assistant on your side

The system will act as your helping hand and automatically let you know when things could slip out like the expiry of essential employee documents or a specific step in the onboarding process. Having the issue in front of your eyes will make it much easier to deal and approach it.


Task dashboard

You get a notification every time you have a new task. Gain an overall perspective of all the tasks pending so that you can focus on the most urgent ones.

Smart notifications

Once there is something vital for you to follow, you will be alerted about the activity that requires your input.

Automatic task generation

Call it tasks, or approvals, or to-dos, our HRIS automatically generates a task with every time off introduced, or when a timesheet needs an approval. Moreover, the system allows us to create workflows that need validation by multiple managers - think about the line manager and HR or Finance.

Delegate responsibility

Delegate approvals of timesheets and time-off to the right managers across the organization. In this way, the work is spread evenly across your organization.

All the above can be of major help to you and your organization, so do not waste any more time! Book a demo today and empower your employees to be more productive using modern HR task management tools!