Employee records

Centralized employee management

Managing employees is one of the essential tasks in a business. While activities related to financial implications are crucial, administrative and HR cannot be ignored.

The HRIS system has reliable employee management functionalities that ease administration processes, communication workflows, access to information, and transform the overall employee experience. The workflows, automatic processes, and the employee self-service portals are running within an all-in-one solution accessible online. Having the information stored in the cloud and accessible via a web-app makes access easy and fast.

As companies are growing, there will be more people to manage. People are the most vital element contributing to any business's success. Having your people data centralized will be much easier to find the essential information when looking for it.

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Streamline employee information

No matter if your organization has 25 or 250 employees, you will store essential information for each of them digitally to have complete employee records. Migrating your staff files towards digital, your organization is becoming greener also.

As an employee, your absences and logged hours are available in your online profile. Such functionality is useful for remote staff or work-from-home workers.

Features of the employee record functionality

The employee profile as part of the HRIS system

The central repository of employee data among the time & attendance module are parts of the Human Resource Information System. The HRIS makes it easy to maintain and analyze personnel data.

Find and maintain employee data in a breeze

By design, the system eases access to data trough simple interfaces that make filtering and sorting easy, no matter how big your company is. Forget about the stacks of folders or filing cabinets. Embrace digital transformation, and you will save precious time when searching for key employee records.

Update personal information easily

No matter if it is about the employee profile, job details, home & work information, emergency contacts, or personnel documents as an administrator, it will be straightforward to make updates to the profile and ensure that the data stays actual and relevant.

Give access to the staff

By supplying access to your employees to the system using the employee self-service functionality, they will not only be able to track time and attendance but check their profile and show if there are any updates needed.

The secure vault for personnel files

If you want to store your employee files digitally, in one safe location, the employee records are the perfect location. You will upload the files within each employee profile super easy, and if the documents have expiration dates.

Smart notifications

Less work for HR comes due to automatic notification. Think about the fact that you get a new alert every time a certificate or document from the employee file is due for renewal.

All the above can be of major help to you and your organization, so do not waste any more time! Book a demo today and start organizing your employee records smartly and efficiently!