Online time cards

Start offering to your workforce an easy to use online time-clock to record time. No matter if you need to record daily, weekly, or monthly entries, AraHR allows simple time-tracking for your employees.

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Timecard features

Use it online

Directly from the web, your workforce will be able to clock-in and clock out in the system.

Work hours calculator

After adding the start and stop times and the breaks deductions, the time card will automatically calculate the daily total and weekly work hours.

Easy submission and reporting

Each employee will be able to submit its timesheet for approval. The timesheets with the records from the time card will be locked and will be available with one click to the managers.

Benefits of the online time card

Simplify time tracking

Updating the time cards for multiple remote employees is a laborious task, why don't you delegate the task to your staff. The Card is easy to use, has breaks included, and offers automatic calculations.

Eliminate errors

Since your employees can clock-in and clock-out with their smartphones, the system converts the hours into updated easy to read digital reports and eliminates the error-prone manual activities.

For 20 or 200 employees

No matter the industry, location, or company size, our solutions provide the right tools to ensure a smooth time-tracking for all the employees.

How to use the timecard?

  • Register for a new AraHR account
  • Invite your workforce
  • Start recording time using the clock-in - clock-out functionality.
  • Check the timesheet and the timecard to see a summary of the period worked and make corrections is needed.
  • Submit the timesheet for approval
  • Access the time reports

If you want to have an interactive tour, book a demo with us.

Get started

Start using the time card inline today. You don't need to download anything. The app uses responsive technology and can be used on iPhone and Android effortlessly.

Your employees will enjoy using online time cards. They are providing you accurate time calculation ready to export to payroll.