Timesheet notifications and alerts

AraHR has a reliable notification engine that ensures that your time tracking stays accurate and valid.

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Real-time notifications

With AraHR, you can set up a broad set of notifications for your organization relevant to employees and managers:

  • Alerts about missing timesheet
  • Notifications on rejected timesheets
  • Reminders to send the time reports
  • Approval requests for PTO or Sick leave
  • Other automatic notifications are triggered automatically based on specified conditions.

Missing timesheet

At the end of the payroll period, you will be able to find the employees who have recorded their time worked and which one did not.

Time off Approvals

Wouldn’t be great to receive an automatic email every time a new time off request has been sent using the HR information system? With AraHR this is the case.

Email notifications

Your employees will receive email reminders to send their timesheets. Your managers will get information with the request for approval of the work hours.

Custom workflows

The notification engine is a powerful one. It allows the possibility to configure the flow of notifications, such as how many people must approve a specific timesheet. You could have one approver or multiple, for example, team manager and HR leader. The system allows setting this kind of custom dual-approval workflow.

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Reduce your approval cycle time, ease conversations, automate notifications and reminders to ensure a high degree of productivity using innovative HR solutions.

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