Approval workflows

Streamline the approval process among the right stakeholders among the company. By delegating decision making, you free up more time for what matters.

Get started

Easy workflow automation for:

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Vacation Request
  • Leave Approval
  • Travel Reimbursements
  • Payment Request
  • Transportation request
  • HR Processes
  • Offboarding employees
  • Timesheet Approval

Automate approval workflows

No matter if you are thinking about time-off requests, timesheet submissions, or expense approvals, you can set up a custom approval flow that will be used every time a submission is added to the system.

Get instant notifications

Every time your decision is needed to advance a holiday request, you get notified via email instantly. If another request is added, you get a new message. And with one tap, you can approve the submission and move on with your work.

Setup custom approval workflow

Sometimes, organizations require different types of workflows. If the internal processes require additional approval, then the line manager will do it with AraHR. Consider the fact that once the company gets larger, the decision making is more complex, and you might need to add two or three-level approval workflows. And this is the right way to do it.

Why are workflows critical?

In administration and human resources, systematic processes ensure that work gets done consistently, following a set of policies that are aligned with the law. Since there are multiple teams and different line managers, there are separate reporting structures. And since some approvals require various stakeholders to decide, like HR and Finance managers, the custom multi-approval function becomes very practical.