Best 10 Timesheet Software for Small to Mid-Sized Business

Using the right timesheet software for small businesses is one of the ingredients of success. They release accountants and HR experts from repetitive, error-prone tasks, improve team communication, provide transparency and accurate data, and show employees that you care about their well-being. Timesheet software is a simple way to make and keep everyone happy. However, choosing the best one for your business may be tricky as the market is flooded with timesheet software of all sorts. That’s why, with employee management and small businesses at heart, we’ve created a shortlist of the best timesheet software for you.

  • Toggl Track – Best for onboarding new employees
  • Clockify – Best free timesheet software
  • Everhour – Best for managing multiple projects and teams
  • Jibble – Best for customized teams
  • My Hours – Best for organizing teams
  • Scoro – Best for managing big teams and projects
  • Hubstaff – Best for automatic time tracking
  • TimeCamp – Best for team collaboration
  • ClickTime – Best for companies with big budgets from different sources
  • Beebole – Best for compliance with labor laws

1. Toggl Track

Description: Toggle Track aims to provide timesheet software for small businesses that you want to use. They reckon that timesheet entry is unpleasant, time-consuming, and seen as micromanagement rather than a way to improve productivity and create a trustworthy work environment. Therefore, their timesheet software is user-friendly and fast. Data is gathered, sorted, and exported to accountants or HR managers in just a few clicks. Toggle Track is intuitive and non-invasive.

Features: Employee time tracking, project time tracking, reporting, payroll, billing, mobile and desktop apps, integrations with more than 100 tools

What users like/dislike: Users like how simple and intuitive this web-based timesheet software is, even for people who have never used time-tracking tools. The main disadvantage is that the software can be used for free only for up to 5 employees.

Pricing: Toogl Track offers a free version for up to 5 employees and paid subscriptions starting at $9 per user/month.

2. Clockify

Description: Clockify is free timesheet software ideal for small businesses at the beginning of their activity. It provides tools for time tracking, clock-in and clock-out, reporting, and scheduling activities and shifts. You can add hourly rates and estimate costs, track projects and budgets, and manage leave and public holidays. Clockify lets you choose between a desktop app and an online one based on your employees’ work schedules. Although simpler than other timesheet software, this is a good program to start with.

Features: Attendance tracking, leave management, reporting, scheduling, expense records, kiosk app, weekly timesheets

What users like/dislike: Users like a free app that runs on desktop and mobile devices, especially when their business is small and can’t afford extra costs. People also appreciate the kiosk app, the ability to add rates and invoice clients, and the smooth time management features. It may be a little complicated for someone new to timesheet software.

Pricing: Clockify is free. Basic plans start at $3.99 per user.

3. Everhour

Description: Everhour is a complete timesheet software solution that allows you to track time for multiple projects and teams simultaneously. You can monitor overtime and budgets, gather accurate attendance data for payroll and billing, create estimates and reminders that keep things moving in the right direction, and manage time off. Everhour works both as a web-based app (even an extension of your browser) and as a mobile app.

Features: Clock-in / clock-out app, manual and timer timesheet entry, time off management, billing and budgeting, task management, scheduling, project management, expense tracking

What users like/dislike: Users like Everhour because it solves all their employee management necessities in one program. The software is designed to help you manage projects, teams, and budgets simultaneously. However, it may be too much for small businesses or companies that run one project at a time.

Pricing: Everhour provides a free version for up to 5 employees and a paid subscription for $8.5/user/month.

4. Jibble

Description:  Jibble provides free web-based, desktop, and mobile time tracking solutions, which makes it ideal for any industry, from construction remote teams to office workers. The timesheets are generated automatically based on employee attendance data, including working hours, overtime, breaks, and time off. It generates complex reports and analytics for HR management, accounting, or project management. Jibble also integrates with many other apps to make employee management as easy as possible.

Features: Kiosk app with facial recognition and GPS tracking, automatic timesheets, time tracking, reporting, project management

What users like/dislike: Users like customized solutions for remote teams, accountants, lawyers, construction, freelancers, and others, as well as the online kiosk and the complex set of reports and analytics. Featuring facial recognition and GPS tracking may be too invasive.

Pricing: Jibble is free.

5. My Hours

Description: My Hours is simple timesheet software designed to make your employees feel comfortable with attendance tracking. It’s also one of the best tools for organizing teams, assigning tasks, and monitoring expenses. You can use it for payroll, billing clients, and keeping an eye on the project’s budget. 

Features: Weekly timesheet, billing and labor rates, task management, task templates, budget monitoring, timesheet approval procedure, reporting, custom integrations

What users like/dislike: Users like the non-invasive nature of My Hours. This timesheet software doesn’t include employee monitoring. Because it doesn’t provide a desktop version, you have to rely on an internet connection to use it.

Pricing: My Hours offers a free version for up to 5 employees and a paid subscription for $8/user/month.

6. Scoro

Description: Scoro offers complex work management software that covers employee management, time tracking, project management, finances, and resources management. It’s designed for service businesses, such as accountants, HR teams, and consulting experts. As timesheet software, Scoro offers clock-in / clock-out tools, attendance tracking, billable and non-billable hours options, task scheduling and management, and tools for preventing burnout.

Features: Time tracking, task management, resource management, scheduling, reporting, finances

What users like/dislike: Users like Scoro because it solves all their business management problems. It’s a complex program that takes over your entire business regardless of how many projects or teams you have. However, as timesheet software for small businesses, Scoro may be too complex and too expensive.

Pricing: Scoro offers four paid subscriptions starting at $19/user/month.

7. Hubstaff

Description: Hubstaff is well-known for its automatic features, such as timesheets generated from tracking apps, approval workflows, idle time detection, and employee screenshots. It aims to provide accurate data for payroll and billing without taking too much of the employee’s or manager’s time. Hubstaff is suitable for remote teams, startups, and teams working in construction, field service, and real estate. It allows you to customize user roles and reduce admin time.

Features: Automatic time tracking, online time reporting, automatic employee timesheets, geofencing employee tracking, invoicing, payroll, scheduling

What users like/dislike: Users enjoy the automatic features that save them a lot of time. However, the system may seem too invasive in terms of employee monitoring.

Pricing: Hubstaff offers four paid subscriptions starting at $4.99/user/month for a minimum of 2 users.

8. TimeCamp

Description: TimeCamp tackles attendance management, invoicing, budgeting, and reporting.  Its automated time-tracking software features a one-click timer, keyword-based time tracking, and tools for managing recurring time entries. It works as a desktop program, web-based plugin, and mobile app. At the same time, TimeCamp offers multiple views, an approval flow, tools for managing similar timesheets, a kiosk app, and many resources for team collaboration.

Features: Automatic time tracking, kiosk app, team collaboration tools, invoicing, budget management, reporting

What users like/dislike: Users appreciate the integrations of team collaboration tools into timesheet software. It improves team management and communication. Employee monitoring tools, including geofencing, apps and website tracking, and employee screenshots, may be invasive.

Pricing: TimeCamp offers a free plan and four paid subscriptions starting at $2.99/month.

9. ClickTime

Description: ClickTime is simple timesheet software designed to pair labor with costs and give you valuable insight into your workforce expenses. It provides online timesheets with fast time entry tools and plenty of customization options. You can track working hours, overtime, and time off. At the same time, you can monitor employee expenses and keep an eye on labor costs. ClickTime lets you plan tasks and shifts, estimate costs and revenue, and manage your team, budget, and projects effortlessly.

Features: Online timesheets, time off management, budget management, cost estimation, project management, employee productivity measurements

What users like/dislike: Users like the ability to manage projects with big budgets coming from various sources, which may be too much for emerging businesses.

Pricing: ClickTime offers four paid subscriptions starting at $12/user/month for up to 25 users.

10. Beebole Timesheet

Description: Beebole is a flexible time tracker that aims to help you comply with labor legislation.  It can track hours worked on various projects and tasks, generate customizable reports, track billable and non-billable hours, and provide tools for leave management. Beebole is a cloud-based program, meaning you can access it anywhere using any device.

Features: Project time tracking, employee time reports, time off management, labor legislation compliance, integrations with Google Sheets and Excel

What users like/dislike: People like the customizable features that allow employees to feel comfortable with their timesheet software. But if you want more than time tracking, you must install additional software.

Pricing: Beebole offers a paid subscription of $6.99/user/month.


FAQ Timesheet Software

What is timesheet software?

Timesheet software collects employee time-related data and creates employee time reports used for payroll and labor legislation compliance. It may be a desktop program, web-based program, plugin, or mobile app. Timesheet software monitors attendance but is often extended to time off management, approval procedures, labor cost monitoring, invoicing, and task and shift scheduling. The data is gathered in weekly or monthly timesheets used for analytics.

What are the key benefits of timesheet software?

Timesheet software helps you keep accurate employee time records and monitor the activity of your employees in real time. The key benefits are:

  • Accurate attendance data
  • Transparency in covering shifts and task planning
  • Project time tracking data
  • Error-free payroll
  • Error-free and transparent leave balance
  • Improved collaboration and communication within teams
  • Efficient cost monitoring
  • Safer work environment, compliant with labor laws.

How do you choose timesheet software?

Timesheet software for small businesses should allow you to manage your small team quickly. It should be user-friendly and intuitive so new employees can tackle it in minutes. For remote teams, such as construction workers or freelancers, a mobile app for time tracking is necessary. Ensure our employees are comfortable with the level of employee monitoring provided by the timesheet software of your choice. If you are not sure, start with free timesheet software and go from there.