Top 10 Clock-In/Clock-Out Apps for Employees

Time management starts with two simple questions: when did an employee start working, and when did they stop working?

For centuries, that’s all an employer must know to monitor productivity and payroll. Although we no longer use punch machines, clock-in / clock-out systems are still in place. They are digitized, sometimes automatic, and provide many other features besides tracking employee working hours. Here are our top choices for clock-in / clock-out apps that cover a modern employee’s needs (e.g., personalized work schedule, remote work, part-time work, working outside the office, etc.).

10 Best Clock-in / Clock-out Apps 

Here are our ten best clock-in / clock-out apps on short:

  1. Clockify: Best overall free clock-in / clock-out app
  2. Buddy Punch: Best for monitoring remote workers
  3. Connecteam: Best for managing teams
  4. TimeCamp: Best for tracking productivity
  5. Hubstaff: Best for data viewing tools
  6. Homebase: Best for small teams
  7. Timely: Best for automatic time tracking
  8. Time Doctor: Best for employee monitoring
  9. Deputy: Best for medical and food industry companies
  10. QuickBooks Time: Best for companies with many locations

1.    Clockify

Sometimes, clock-in / clock-out apps are called kiosks, as is the case with Clockify’s app. The software includes many time and cost-tracking tools, such as timesheets, calendars, reports, analytics, and expense monitors, but the clock-in / clock-out app is worth it by itself. It allows employees to log in using any mobile device and a personal four-digit PIN. They can clock in and clock out on multiple projects, see how long they’ve worked on one of them, check their team to see who is on a break, and generate a daily report of their activity.

Clockify’s clock-in / clock-out app runs on Android and iOS devices and, given an internet connection, tracks GPS locations and sends real-time data.

Price: Clockify Kiosk is available with the Clockify solution for $3.99/user/month or by itself for free.

2.    Buddy Punch is a complete time tracking, employee scheduling, and payroll solution that offers a versatile time clock app. You can use it with an Android or iOS mobile device or a PC or Mac computer. As a result, the clock-in / clock-out app adapts to a flexible workflow. Employees can log in from home, the office, or on the go using their camera because the app has face recognition. It also features GPS tracking. All gathered data goes directly to payroll and reports.

Because Buddy Punch features geofencing and IP address locking, it can monitor employees working remotely.

Price: Buddy Punch offers four paid monthly subscription options with different access levels starting at $3.99/user/month.

3.    Connecteam

Connecteam focuses on teams. Their clock-in / clock-out app tracks shifts via mobile devices or a desktop station, syncs employees' shifts, and lets them see what’s happening in their team. The app features geofencing, absence and time off management, a chat, and an efficient notification system. Employees can send timesheets with their data to payroll with just one click.

Furthermore, you receive alerts when you are in danger of discrepancies with labor legislation and when someone is late and a shift unattended, and you can manage breaks and time off easily.

Price: Connecteam offers a free plan and three paid monthly subscription options starting at $29 per 30 users monthly.

4.    TimeCamp

TimeCamp is also a complete solution for time and productivity tracking, including a kiosk app. It is designed for on-site teams that need a mobile app to track their working hours. Employees log in using a four-digit PIN and add their time working on various tasks. The data is safely saved for attendance and payroll management.

TimeCamp allows you to track time, profitability, and productivity, generate reports, and keep track of billable and non-billable hours.    

Price: TimeCamp offers a free plan and three paid monthly subscription options starting at $2.99/user/month.

5.    Hubstaff

Hubstaff offers a clock-in / clock-out app for mobile devices and computers that features tools for tracking time, attendance, breaks, and time off. It also includes GPS localization and automatically sends logged data to payroll and billing systems. Furthermore, you can schedule shifts, add break and time off policies, assign jobs to employees, and receive notifications when someone is late or a shift doesn’t start on time.

Hubstaff is excellent for viewing data in calendars (e.g., shifts) and timesheets. You can verify data before sending it to payroll and avoid payment mistakes.

Price: Hubstaff offers their clock-in / clock-out app and other features through four paid monthly subscription options starting at $4.99/user/month.

6.    Homebase

Homebase provides a free time clock app that tracks hours and runs payroll. It is simple, efficient, and runs on mobile devices (iOS and Android) and POS devices. A timesheet is generated at the end of each week, helping you track working hours, overtime, and breaks. Homebase also provides GPS localization for on-site and field teams.

You can personalize the app by setting reminders and alerts, auto clock-out workflows, break and overtime rules, and shifts.

Price: Homebase’s clock-in / clock-out app is free.

7.    Timely

Timely focuses on automatic time tracking. Instead of the classic clock-in / clock-out system, it automatically captures employee’s work in the background. Of course, Timely is suitable only for computer work because it monitors the time spent using programs and documents. Gathered data is private and doesn’t include screenshots and keystroke monitoring. The employee can also log time manually when the automatic tracking isn’t suitable (e.g. when working on-site or in a meeting).

Timely drafts timesheets for each employee and allows them to verify them before sending them to payroll or invoicing clients.

Price: Timely offers three paid monthly subscription options starting at $9/user/month.

8.    Time Doctor

Like Timely, Time Doctor provides both automatic and manual time tracking. With just one click, your employees can clock in and out for each project, task, or client. The app also reminds them to be active and log their time correctly. 

Time Doctor runs online and offline, on computers, tablets, and smartphones, providing the same time tracking solution for employees working at the office, remotely, and in the field. All data is carefully collected and used for productivity analysis, dashboards, and timesheets. Employees and managers can access the same date, increasing transparency and responsibility.

Price: Time Doctor offers three paid monthly subscription options starting at $5.9/user/month.

9.    Deputy

Deputy offers a kiosk app for iOS and Android systems with touchless clock-in and clock-out features. The app uses facial recognition and voice commands to record employees’ data. It’s perfect for crowded workplaces, such as medical and food industry companies, where hygiene is a must. Of course, the Deputy’s kiosk app can be used anywhere and by anyone to record shifts and breaks.

At the same time, the app features GPS location stamps, timesheets, approval procedures, and export to payroll software. You can check attendance in real time and act before ending up with uncovered shifts and dissatisfied clients.

Price: Deputy offers four paid monthly subscription options starting at $4.5/user/month.

10.    QuickBooks Time

QuickBooks Time offers a kiosk app to track on-site attendance, allowing employees to select their location and job. The app also records breaks. It’s great for businesses with many locations, such as coffee shops and stores. The kiosk app grants access based on a 4-digit PIN and can even record a photo confirmation. Attendance timesheets are automatically sent to payroll and management.

QuickBooks Time’s kiosk app runs on tablets and computers, allowing smooth time tracking for employees working remotely or in an office. The manager can approve and edit records online and has a real-time view of their staff.

Price: QuickBooks Time offers two paid monthly subscription options starting at $10/month + $8/user/month.

FAQ Clock-In/Clock-Out Apps

What is a clock-in / clock-out app?

A clock-in / clock-out app is an app that records the time when the employee starts working and the time when they stop working. A clock-in / clock-out app can also record breaks, GPS locations, and photo confirmations. Data is used for attendance tracking, shift management, and payroll.

What are the main benefits of a clock-in / clock-out app?

A clock-in / clock-out app provides accurate attendance data that eliminates payroll mistakes. It also helps the business comply with labor legislation, avoid overtime, and reduce absenteeism. Furthermore, a clock-in / clock-out app improves teamwork by increasing transparency and communication. Employees receive alerts and notifications, record time spent on various tasks or projects, and even clock in breaks.

How do you choose a clock-in / clock-out app?

There are a few key features you need to consider when purchasing a clock-in / clock-out app:

  • Mobile options for employees working on-site or from home
  • Login options for all types of employees (e.g., face recognition, pin codes, voice commands, etc.)
  • The accuracy of timesheets and the efficiency of the data transfer procedure
  • The ability to integrate with apps you already use, such as data analysis and payroll
  • The ability to run online and offline and on different types of devices
  • The cost per employee.

How much does a clock-in / clock-out app cost?

Some clock-in / clock-out apps are free for businesses with few employees. Others are free if you can manage with fewer features. However, most clock-in / clock-out apps require a monthly subscription starting at under $10 per user. To reduce costs, you can use the app only for employees working remotely or on-site.